HTC Windows Phone 8X - 100 mins / Unltd txt / 250mb Data - £15.50pm @ (T-mobile) - £372 total

HTC Windows Phone 8X - 100 mins / Unltd txt / 250mb Data - £15.50pm @ (T-mobile) - £372 total

Found 3rd Apr 2013
Seems like a great price for a great phone. Better spec'd than the Lumia 820. Not a great tariff, but I'm sure it would suit someone.

Also a possible £35 cashback through Quidco.
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Windows Phone 8 is very nice and smooth to use and the app support is coming in very fast. First truly innovative mobile platform since the iPhone and iOS revolution.
I hope the apps are more forth coming than Windows 7.5.Mine is getting dumped for an Android phone come May.
Surprised this hasn't got hotter. The inferior Lumia 820 at the same price is rocking 300+ degrees.
This should be WAY WAY hotter!
Also - £5 extra cashback from Affordable Mobiles, maybe not enough to tempt if you're not fond of the retailer though!
Voting hot on this, and the similarly priced Lumia 820 offer.

But seeing these handsets coming free at relatively low contract rates makes me wonder if both Nokia and HTC are doing some serious price-cutting on their deals with the networks. Can't help but wonder if we're seeing the start of a fire sale. The brief experience I've had of Windows Phone 8 has left me impressed, but I stick with Android for its versatility. Happy to hear the thoughts of others, whether agreeing or contra. Most certainly not trying to start a troll war.
Well I love Windows Phone personally, I have a Lumia 920 currently which I love. I can understand the problems people have with the lack of apps, but it has everything I need. Certainly the Xbox Live integration and smooth OS more than make up for it.

As for a 'fire sale', it's no secret HTC's Windows Phones are struggling. They don't seem as invested in WP as Nokia, which is a shame as the phones are really nice. I personally prefer the physical design to the Lumia range. As for the 820 being discounted, it's probably due to the sleeker, sexier 720 having just been released.
Just arrived today - thanks OP! Might be worth reposting, sometimes HUKD can be a fickle temptress!
Glad I could help! It's a great phone.
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