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HTC u11 (64GB) +Free JBL Earbuds worth £109 via HTC Club £359.10
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Still very capable smartphone + Free JBL Earbuds worth £109. Need to sign up to htc club for this price, only email address needed.

I had that, was the the beginning of the end of the iPhone with the desire. Well ahead of its time


I'm a Htc fan, but theyfailed to listen to loyal customers, threw away its main usp: metal phones, front firing speakers and proper sense with Htc made apps, no network selling. Then followed the dull design and stock android root with Google data mining apps. Thus they have nothing to set their phone apart from any others on market apart from big upfront cost.


Hahah that made me giggle


Still are. Just because they don't sell anywhere near as much as Samsung etc doesn't mean they're not good, just marketed very poorly. I have this phone and loathe to trade it when i'm due early next year as it's the best I've ever had by some margin.


Pray it never goes wrong. You'll end up in customer service hell. Trapped between their Polish repair centre and Egyptian call centre. Awful company.

HTC Price drop! - need to join the HTC club
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Just received the following email from HTC regarding their deals this Friday. You will need to join the HTC club though THE BIG BLACK FRIDAY PRICE REVEAL. AVAILABLE WHILST STOCK … Read more

Got u 11, Great phone


Beat everyone to it


I currently own the HTC U11, fantastic phone, does the simple things well, so for me this is a bargain.


They still make mobiles?! ;)


Some decent savings there, but still quite overpriced. This is all in my opinion of course, thanks for the heads up though. I love a htc (y)

Brand new Htc u12 life 64gb £269.10 @ Htc Club members
Found 22nd Oct 2018Found 22nd Oct 2018
I reckon this looks great for the money, and a uk price, it seems to me htc have got a good mid ranger here with th sd636, sign up to htc club to get this price. Standout points a… Read more

I signed up for htc club but got no email or can't login, am I doing something wrong?


Yeah, honor are always in the mix for discounts on black Friday, so it's probably a good call.


perfect thanks for this - it was the one I was looking at as the strongest choice (esp since he will be using it for playing games etc. ) - will hold off for upcoming Black Friday deals hopefully be a bargain somewhere!


Go for the play, better processor, in fact flagship processor, great cameras, great battery life, and only £20more than this. It is 6.5" however.


Interested in this for my son's Christmas but I have the HTC U11 which seems to be glitchy and has put me off them slightly (every time there's an update something else stops working - last time it was the Google Play store!) - this or the Honor 8X or Honor Play are the other one's similar in price. Any advise/input would be welcome :-)

HTC Price Drop @ HTC Club (List in Description)
Found 13th Sep 2018Found 13th Sep 2018
Up to 20% off on HTC phones available on the HTC Club site To sign-up follow this link: A few deals are: HTC U12+ Translucent Blue (64GB) … Read more

yep same with me used to be my Fav. But after HTC Desire HD had to give up on them and move to Samsung. First Samsung Galaxy S4, never looked back... now on Galaxy S9+ lol :{


htc have gone downhill since last year


Most likely it's due to HTC not ordering more than 20 units for the UK or something stupid like that. They have always found a way to shoot themselves in the foot


Great prices, I do like htc phones


Having said all the the U12+ is out of stock so someone is buying them obviously (embarrassed)

USB-C headset Adapter 3.5mm For Google Pixel And HTC Handsets @ HTC Club £5.95
Found 18th Aug 2018Found 18th Aug 2018
USB-C headset Adapter 3.5mm For Google Pixel And HTC Handsets @ HTC Club £5.95
When I had my pixel 2 xl it didn't have the headphone adapter with it, I refused to pay the £9 Google charge, so went in search of an alternative. It turns out there are only a ha… Read more

Lol, den169 ladies and gentlemen, a glowing review of the usb adapter (highfive) *jokes*


Have to say its more like something from poundland.About 4" long very thin wire looks cheap.


Wow that was quick mine arrived today.


You need to make it clear that the Pixel XL2 ships with this, or as you imply in your post you don't rate it. Otherwise just post the adapter which fits any usb c phone. edit : grammar.


Which phone you using now then, The pixel 128gb?

HTC U11 - Silver 64GB & 4GB RAM £359.10 @ HTC
Found 17th Aug 2018Found 17th Aug 2018
HTC U11 - Silver 64GB & 4GB RAM £359.10 @ HTC
HTC U11, last year's flagship from the company, available directly from its online store with a 10% discount. I've had this phone for 6 months, performs smoothly and has an excel… Read more

I am using this phone from last 6/8 months..excellent camera and comparable to pixel 2 if install gcam mod, better speaker than pixel 2, better battery life than pixel 2 software is great. Only issue i find is its bit slippery in hand


Many thanks - I'll work my way through this and hopefully it will help.


I've also had HTC's for quite a few years and bought my HTC 11 when ebay offered the 20% off everything voucher code end of December last year. Prior to that I was also having problems with my HTC 10 and contacted HTC who told me how to do various types of resets which seemed to remedy the problem but it did make me lose confidence and worry whenever a software update notification was received. I've not had any such problems with the HTC 11. I'm not a heavy user (odd phone call/texting/plenty of browsing) and easily get a full day's use. With the voucher I paid a similar price as this for the 128/6gb model. If it's any use to you I've managed to find the email from HTC with their guidance in trying to resolve the battery issues: "Thank you for contacting HTC Customer Support Center. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your HTC 10. Let's start with some quick troubleshooting, hope it will help you solve the problems you are having on your smartphone. 1.Check for updates from Menu> Settings> About> Software Updates (preferably using Wi-Fi) 2.Calibrate the battery: Charge the device for at least 10 minutes •With the device truly OFF while still being plugged into the wall outlet, push in and hold volume up and volume down AND power button, for 2 minutes. Device will boot up, and battery/charging logic are re-calibrated. 3. If your phone overheating install 3rd party application named: Battery Temperature C and check the battery temperature. Please note that the normal operating temperature for HTC phones is between 30 and 55 degrees. If you still find it uncomfortable, you can follow the tips below to decrease the temperature: 1) When not in use, turn off Wi-Fi/ BT/ GPRS/ GPS. 2) Shut down the applications running in the background that you’re not using. 3) If this happens when using a specific 3rd party app, you can consider removing it. 4. Try test the battery: A) Charge the phone up to 100%; B) Enable Airplane mode in settings and make sure that the phone is not connected to the charger C) Dial * # * # 3424 # *#*, press “Accept”, select the "More" below. On the next page, enable "Battery test" –press "Run". After that, the instruction will appear. Press the "back" key, until you see the picture: the phone is on the table, and the timer is above it. As soon as you saw this image, please put the phone on the table and for an hour while testing is in progress and do not touch the device D) The timer will start counting from 1 hour until it reaches 0, during this time, do not touch the phone; After that, look at the results: A) If the battery level has reached 75% or is less, you need to send the device to the repair center B) If the battery level is more than 90-95%, in order to optimize battery performance, you need to do the following: 1.Go to Settings> Power> Battery Usage and check the applications that use the battery the most and turn them off. 2. Make sure you turn the “Power Saver” on (Settings> Power>Power saver) 3.Turn off 4G on your device. Because when you have 4G on and you’re not in an area with 4G coverage, your phone is always asking for 4 G and searching uses a lot of battery life. 4. Turn Off Mobile Data Entirely (When You Can) The worse the coverage, the faster your battery drains. This happens because your phone’s antenna has to work that much harder to try to find and maintain a signal. 5. One of the biggest battery Android battery life drainers and it has to do with an app we all use: Facebook. There’s only one solution to this problem: Uninstall the Facebook app and use 6.If you rarely use your phone for GPS, you probably don’t need your phone to constantly ping satellites for a service that you’re not using anyway. Head to Settings -> Location Services and turn GPS off. 7. If you don’t use any Bluetooth devices, turn Bluetooth off to save battery life. 8. If you don't use WI-FI , go ahead and turn Wi-Fi off to save some extra battery life 9.Use power adapter that came with your device. Other power adapters and chargers can charge slowly, not at all, or damage your device or battery. 10. To reduce battery drain when you're not using your device's screen, set a shorter time before your screen turns off. Open your device's Settings>Display>screen timeout>pick 15 seconds or 30 seconds 11. Reduce screen brightness: Settings>Display>Brightness level>choose Automatic brightness 12.Turn off live wallpapers 13.Sometimes the downloaded applications conflicts with the phone's OS making it not to perform in a normal way, so please try to use the phone in the safe mode by following the steps below: 1.Press and hold “power key “till you see the options of Power off and restart option 2. Press and hold on the screen on the power off option till you can reboot to safe mode 3. “Safe Mode “text will appear on the lower left of screen. If you followed these steps and the issue is resolved, it means that you have downloaded 3rd party application downloaded from the internet which conflicts with you device OS. Please remove it from: Menu>settings>applications >click on the applications and un-install them If the issue is not from the external application please try to perform a complete reset of the device(Factory Data Reset) NOTE: Resetting your handset to factory or manufacturer's default setting will delete all the data stored on your phone memory; Remember to back up your phone information and settings first if possible. To back up your data please Install HTC Sync Manager on your computer. For more details about HTC Sync manager please check the below links: For more details about HTC Backup please check the below link: To perform Factory Reset ,please open Settings > Backup And Reset > Reset Phone If the issue still occurs after following the above steps then we suggest to book a repair request for your phone within UK official repair center, so please provide us with the below information to proceed with booking 1. IMEI Number of your phone: (it is 15 digits start with 35 can be found on the original box, proof of purchase, or can be obtained from the network provider or you can dial *#06#) 2. Complete, safe and secure Address 3. Mobile Network Provider 4. Mobile number 5. Copy of proof of purchase stating the date and the IMEI on it, please send it to us as PDF. -Repairs will take approximately 5 to 7 business days from the time when it arrives at the HTC Repair Center and it's subject to parts availability (Excluding the shipment). -Should our engineers find any physical damage, wear and tear, unauthorized software, unauthorized repair attempts or your warranty has expired, the repair will be chargeable and we will send you a quote via email. -Our HTC Repair Center does not accomplish partial repairs. Upon diagnostics, any faulty part or defective material found will be replaced entirely. -You are under no obligation to accept the quote and if you decline, there will be an approximately £27 (may vary depending on exchange rates) diagnosis, shipping and handling fee to have the device returned to you unrepaired. -Devices with minor liquid damage will receive a repair quote, depending on the cost of the repair. -Devices with major liquid damage are returned immediately and unrepaired, as they are classed as beyond economic repair If you need our further help, please, let us know. We will be more than glad to help you For any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team on 0203-684-8000 Or 0845-890-0079 Monday to Friday - 9AM to 6PM You can also find many helpful articles on our website: Best regards, Sabina HTC support team"


Well at least the Nokias can double as a chisel if they stop working.


I've had mine for 6 months and so far no issues. There's no such thing as a disaster proof phone from any manufacturer - I have a long history of badly malfunctioning Nokia phones

HTC U11 Solar Red (64GB) Dual Sim £404.10 @ HTC club members
Found 23rd May 2018Found 23rd May 2018
HTC U11 Solar Red (64GB) Dual Sim £404.10 @ HTC club members
£404.10£44910%HTC (mobile) Deals
I posted a general rundown of phones available discounted from htc club. I think this is a great price from htc themselves for a new in the rare red. People may disagree, but I … Read more

HTC U12+ was released today


I make that a touch under £17 a month if you compare to a 24 month contract which I think is pretty good going coupled with a decent sim only contract. Good spot.

HTC U12+ Translucent Blue (64GB) Dual Sim £629.10 @ HTC club members
Found 23rd May 2018Found 23rd May 2018
Good price? Sign up to htc club for this price. PayPal Users: Funds will be withdrawn once you receive your order confirmation notification Credit Card Users: Your card wil… Read more

Yes Sorry we can't validate your email. Please check this is the address you have registered previously with HTC or sign-up here


Hmm... It was very easy for me to do. Validate your email address you mean?


Signed up to the club but when clicking sign in, it doesn't validate


HTC 10 still going strong..will wait


Was really interested until i found out it doesn't have buttons (shock) , this things full of gimmicks.

HTC Spring Price Drop Includes All Phones That They Sell @ HTC Club
Found 19th Apr 2018Found 19th Apr 2018
HTC Spring Price Drop Includes All Phones That They Sell @ HTC Club
Htc u11 plus (htc club) now £566.10 - RRP £699 Htc u11 £404 U11 life £296 Desire 10 lifestyle £125 A9s special edition £116 Sign up to htc club for these prices http… Read more

thanks for this


On last count... 15


How many times can you say HTC?

HTC U11 64gb Single sim Various colours Direct from HTC (club) - £404.10
Found 7th Apr 2018Found 7th Apr 2018
HTC U11 64gb Single sim Various colours Direct from HTC (club) - £404.10
As above. HTC U11+ also avail at £566.10.

any discount codes available for this?


thanks for this


I was quite happy with the U Ultra but I don't think the U11 is worth double the price, although it a very good all rounder.


I bought a U Ultra in January direct from HTC , good service arrived within 3 days.


Possibly, i just copied and pasted the page whilst logged in. But yes, it is fee to sign up-just email needed i think.

Htc u 11 64gb Dual sim £467.10 via htc club @ htc uk
Found 24th Jan 2018Found 24th Jan 2018
Htc u 11 64gb Dual sim £467.10 via htc club @ htc uk
£467.10£4996%HTC (mobile) Deals
All you need to do is enter your email using the link above, and you'll be in the htc club with exclusive offers on their mobile phones Htc u11 plus £629.10 U11 life 64gb £314.10 U… Read more

Fair enough, consider me told.


Its come down £120 in 2 months lol but really isn't a good phone. Which is why its very frozen lol, give you a break? You literally said people were picky and wonder why it was a cold deal so I told you.


Wow, that comment was made 2 months ago, and i realise it has come down in price, jeez, give me a break.


Just saved me 50 quid. Thanks :)



Htc u ultra all colours £279 @ uk
Found 11th Jan 2018Found 11th Jan 2018
Htc u ultra all colours £279 @ uk
£279£299.997%HTC (mobile) Deals
This is possibly the lowest these have been in the UK, very are currently selling them for £299.99, I thought that was a good deal, but now found this stonker from HTC themselves. … Read more

I sold my oneplus 5 8gb ram for the LG g5 had for 2 months now and love it, what issue did you have?


(flirt) (lol) ;)


Very helpful, thanks.




Just got this, thanks OP, setting it up now. Can anyone tell me what the white HTC stickers in the box are for?

HTC Christmas Sale, e.g. HTC U11 Red 64gb, dual sim
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
HTC Christmas Sale, e.g. HTC U11 Red 64gb, dual sim
Click "get access" and register your email in htc club. Financing Available: 128gb for £584.10.
Get dealGet deal

Yes, at Amazon as well but not red one, dual sim.


The HTC U11 has been £499.99 for quite a while at Carphone Warehouse.

HTC U11 PLUS - Almost The Perfect Smartphone?! £629.10 @ HTC
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
HTC U11 PLUS - Almost The Perfect Smartphone?! £629.10 @ HTC
BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: HTC U11 PLUS CERAMIC BLACK (128GB) This is my first ever post, so take it easy! I'll also like to point out this is for a pre order and delivery is expected b… Read more

Resale value after 4 years is not existent.


Heat. Whoever says a Nokia is better must be on drugs. Should be the pixel 2. 128gb and 6 gram. 835 processor nails an s8. Ace phone.


Heat from me, the biggest flaw the U11 had from it's peers were the big bezels. Now they are gone. Resale value on LG phones is worse than HTC from experience and I'd much rather have a display that isn't blotchy and doesn't go blue when I tilt it. The smoother and almost stock like skin HTC uses is the main kicker for me and since it ships with Oreo, it will have support for Treble.


So tempted when my contract finishes with my iphone 6s in Feb to come back to HTC, loved my M7, never heard sound quality through headphones like it, I'm hoping nothing has changed


Fantastic spec phone but just out of my price range, but its clearly the best spec phone on the market. I have just ordered the U11 128gb for £519, upgrading from my HTC M8 8) Heat added

HTC Black Friday Deals - see list in Description
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
HTC Black Friday Deals - see list in Description
HTC Have a few Black Friday deals available over on their HTC Club site To sign-up follow this link: A few deals are: HTC U11+ Ceramic Blac… Read more

Mine worked ok on the desktop site, £519 128gb. I never use the mobile site as they are never as good.


Discount price is showing up for me on mobile


Ok cool..I have been trying to order on my mobile. Will have a go on the laptop tomorrow. Thanks for your help


I've noticed it's doing the same on mobile and requesting a desktop site doesn't seem to fix it - best i can suggest is ordering via a PC or laptop


HTC u11 128GB's all the devices

HTC U11 life £314.10 with Discount via HTC club at HTC Store
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
HTC U11 life £314.10 with Discount via HTC club at HTC Store
Discount via HTC club, (free registration). This is cheaper than the pre-order price of £349 which went mildly hot last week. This is the 64gb/4gb ram model. If this phone intere… Read more

Anybody order this ??? I ordered for a gift in Novemeber still not been desptached. I contacted HTC and was informed early december. Still no email to say been sent. Worried it wont be here in time for xmas


Same discount (10%) will apply for the U11+ as well when it's out on the 20th. Bringing it £629 down from £699


Apparently the camera is really good on this. Pretty sure I heard on Myriam Joire's podcast that it is the same sensor as on the normal U11 - which is one of the best phone cameras available at the moment. This also effectively is a Pixel. Fast updates, no bloat. The 630 is the next gen version of the 625 - a really solid CPU in itself, which offers excellent battery life. The Nokia 8 is a great price at the minute but the camera is nothing special, and I do like to take a lot of photos. I'm genuinely tempted to send my N8 back and pick this up..🤔


I agree this phone won't be everyones choice, but it's a bit of money knocked off for those that want it. (This isn't a phone review site, it's a deals site). I would suggest your comparison is also unfair. You have totally different price points in the two phones. You're talking approx 20% difference. That's around the same percentage difference between the two new iPhones!


Agreed. Either save £100 and get a Huawei P10 lite, or spend an extra £100 and get the Nokia 8.

Pre-Order: HTC U11 Life -  Android One phone - UK Version 64GB - £349 @ HTC Mobile
Found 5th Nov 2017Found 5th Nov 2017
Pre-Order: HTC U11 Life - Android One phone - UK Version 64GB - £349 @ HTC Mobile
Preorder the first of a new generation of Android One phones available direct to the UK Market: "The HTC U11 life is an Android One phone that features a best-in-class software ex… Read more

It's ok we all make mistakes


Android Police Android Authority I love the idea of an "Android One" ... I just think the U11 Life is trying to be a high mid-range phone but "Android One" is a budget segment. If I were to spend ~£350 I would want an SD835 in it. I think the Nokia 8 is priced roughly right.


I thought it loked good until i was educated, what a muppet (shock)


Trusted Reviews UK Review: "First impressions For £349, the HTC U11 Life seems like a decent little phone. It’s made even more interesting by the stock Android software and promise of future updates."


Although other Android One mobiles are cheaper, consider this UK Version, high street, local warranty, etc.

HTC U Play - £239 at
Found 12th Oct 2017Found 12th Oct 2017
HTC U Play - £239 at
Colours: Brilliant Black, Ice White, Sapphire Blue 5'2" screen 16MP front camera and Ultra Selfie, 16MP main camera with OIS HTC USonic Clear Case included

Or even the P8 Lite, great value at £149.


You get the P10 Lite for £ 199 at CPW withsimilar spec (even 4 GB RAM instead of 3 for HTC and better battery).


MediaTek CPU, 2500mAh battery. Grab yourself a Moto G5 or Xiaomi Redmi with a SD CPU and better battery.


Heat added. Cheapest I’ve seen before £299. Nice find OP


Not bad, battery life is terrible though.

HTC 10, 32 GB - £399 @ HTC
Found 12th Sep 2017Found 12th Sep 2017
HTC 10, 32 GB - £399 @ HTC
Seems like a decent price. Might interest some. 32 GB model.

Took the plunge and bought the 10, thanks OP


Surprised it still costs this much but it's an amazing phone. Audio wise there's not many phones that can touch it apart from the LG V series, the G6 Korean model and the Axon 7


Done, thanks!​


Exactly! Not sure why his comment has been added to my description considering it has exactly 0 likes at this point. Are hotukdeals trying to piggy-back eglobalcentral on this post?


Worth noting that this price is for the 32GB model. Battery on these lasts about a day on good use, not two days.

HTC Vive now £599 on official website. NOT a price cut for preparing new generation.
Found 21st Aug 2017Found 21st Aug 2017
HTC Vive now £599 on official website. NOT a price cut for preparing new generation.
It's £200 off for a new HTC Hive VR headset and they've added that this is to boost the consumer market and this generation won't be gone anytime soon. I can well use the £200 off … Read more

You wouldn't need to take a pc to your friend who has a pc, just the vive. and quickly whip up the lighthouses on some portable stands, job done. And from what I saw on reviews, I thought the Rift had a worse screen door than the Vive? I've only briefly tried the Rift though so I can't remember


Are you honestly planning on taking your VR to your mates, along with your PC and monitor? USB ports? Get a £10 USB PCI Express card. Roomscale? In my 2M X 3M play area I don't have any tracking issues with 2 sensors, more likely it's the cable that pisses me off for 360 games. I've tried both fairly extensively at work, I now own a Rift. I have a top drawer PC, but I wouldn't pay £600 for a HMD at this stage. I still use my monitor 85% of the time I spend on my PC. Vive has terrible screen door too, the Oculus could use higher resolution but with super sampling up to 2/2.5 it looks cracking!


Given the pc I have, I'd not have enough USB3 ports for the Rift to have room tracking, and it'd be quite difficult placing the sensors and getting the cables around my room. Very easily done with the Vive. Also, if you are planning on moving your setup about, or take it places to show off etc, Rift is a lot more difficult to setup each time than the Vive, so it really depends on how you're planning to use it


We'll agree to disagree then. Having used both, I'd recommend the Rift at the prices they are.


Disagree. The tracking of the Rift will never be as good as the Vive due to the difference in hardware implementation: in practice this means that fast motion tracking is impossible to accurately recreate on the Rift, and given how many games predominantly feature hand-held fast-swinging weaponry I'd say this is a pretty big deal! The Rift is also more limited in tracking large areas, even with extra sensors you can buy separately it is less effective than the out of the box Vive setup. Also, Oculus is owned by Facebook. I agree that overall the controllers for the Rift are better, but IMO it's not entirely cut and dry: the Vive's touch pads are better in certain scenarios and vice versa. The Rift headset is also much lighter and more comfortable, but has worse FoV. Before this price drop I'd have recommended the Rift as it was so much cheaper than the Vive, this new Vive price-cut would make me think harder if I were in the market for one.