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Posted 14 September 2023

OX Pro Claw Bar 10" / 250mm

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  • Unique hammer head
  • Multi-functional moulding bar with extra wide chisel blade
  • Comfort non-slip grip handle
  • Polished bevelled claw for better access
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  1. help-me2's avatar
    I could use this to get a better locker at work the only problem would be closing the thing afterwards
  2. nickyjg's avatar
    Thanks! Bought one.. Can't go wrong at this.. A while back had a similar sized titanium Stiletto cats claw stolen a week after buying it! Never again..

    This is 10 times cheaper and will do for me! (edited)
  3. Blinky007's avatar
    These are really handy!
  4. _Stuart_'s avatar
    Be perfect for camping if only the claw was wide enough for pulling tents pegs.
    mudcat's avatar
    If I saw anyone wondering around a campsite with one of these I'd be deeply concerned... am thinking 'The Shining', although that entrance could probably be as easlity accomplished through a tent using a spork
  5. MikeTheDutch's avatar
    West London's must have
  6. Finnboy's avatar
    Looks damn useful if I eventually get my Birthday wish! (A decent zombie apocalypse.)
    Daves_mate's avatar
    I've been waiting 30 damn years.
  7. LANGHAM_94's avatar
    Top crack!
  8. 1616french's avatar
    I like it... ordered 👌
  9. Savvyshopperr's avatar
    Thanks. I'll have one of these for stripping pallets down for fire wood.
  10. TerryBull's avatar
    Got one of these, and it was smaller than I was expecting. Now it's one of my favourites
  11. bigtone1943's avatar
    Bought one may come in handy one day
  12. eonise's avatar
    Ulez camera friendly
  13. returnofthemac's avatar
    Great deal, anyone have a similar deal on a balaclava and gloves?
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