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Posted 5 September 2022

Huawei Watch Gt 2 46mm Pebble Brown Smart Watch - £89.99 (£85.49 With Student Code) + Speaker & Scales 3 £101.97 (£97.47) @ Huawei Store UK

£89.99£999% off
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£89.99 is a great price for this sext pebble watch, you can add the speaker and scale for a further tenner, then use a unique student beans code for a further 5% off

About this item
  • 【HUAWEI Kirin A1 Self-Developed Chip】This new smart watch comes with HUAWEI's self-developed wearable chip Kirin A1, and intelligent energy-saving technology for up to 2 WEEKS of battery life
  • 【1.39" AMOLED Display With 3D Glass Screen】HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 (46mm) The use of the 3D glass screen in a smartwatch is a new step in the industry. 1.39" AMOLED screen with very accurate touch response
  • 【Always Calling via Bluetooth】You can use Bluetooth calling with HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 (46mm) smartwatch during workouts and in your daily life. This includes running, cycling, driving, or housework
  • 【15 Workout Modes & Full-time Fitness Trainer】Multiple professional workouts from entry-level to advanced level are pre-installed on the watch, providing users with professional and effective guidance
  • 【SpO2 Supported】 HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 supports one-time SpO2 level measurement, which allows us to detect the oxygen level in the blood whenever and wherever we want
  • 【Precise Positioning】 HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 (46mm) is built with two positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS) together to detect more satellites and increase the positioning accuracy
  • 【Features for Daily Living】Supports features such as Message Notification, TruSleepTM 2.0 sleep tracking and TruRelax pressure monitoring. Track your fitness progress throughout the day, including steps taken, calories burned, times you get up, and periods of medium to high intensity activity
  • 【For the best sound and noise canceling experience】Update the earphone firmware to the latest version for the best user experience Compatible with iOS/Android

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    Really good watch, the call quality is superb for a watch, having had to use it a few times. I find it more accurate than the wife's Fitbit when it comes to step's and stuff. My only gripe is the lack of customisation with the watch faces, great selection of them, but I'd like to see more, and put pictures on it from my mobile or whatever, like the wife's Fitbit can lol. Plus it gets a lot of compliments lol it's a stunning looking watch.
    Just download the modified health app then you can add custom watch faces in hwt format. Take a looky on the Web its really easy to set up and customise
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    Had this for nearly a year, great watch with about 10 days battery life (used daily), with this leather one you also get the black strap included in the box
  3. Avatar
    Can you reply to whatsapp
    You can read the notifications but can't reply on the watch. But you can make phone calls with the watch! But again, not on WhatsApp.
  4. Avatar
    What’s the battery like realistically?
    Amazing! Anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks is you're not hammering the GPS. I select indoor walk / run if I'm out doing exercise so it doesn't use the GPS, but you still get all the other stats from your workout.
  5. Avatar
    Guessing the main difference besides build with this and the pro is the pro was over 100 workout modes compared to 15 on this?
    Build materials .. pro is titanium and sapphire.. qi charging which I don't think the others do either
  6. Avatar
    Is this considered a unisex watch? After one for the wife. Is the 42mm one any different to this? (edited)
    46mm tends to look abit big on a woman's wrist but obviously that's entirely subjective
  7. Avatar
    Any good 42 mm recommendations or deals on Huaewi? @MrSwitch I'd try the 46mm but my wrist is 17 cm and it says i should't go over 42mm. Don't want to but it and be stuck with it.
    I can only give out a couple more, so @HammerTime10 and Puffdacat have my last two, sorry people
  8. Avatar
    You get texts and WhatsApp on these? Social media notification? Never had one
    Sounds like you can view but not reply
  9. Avatar
    Topcashback are doing 20% on Huawei watches from currys. GT3 £159 minus £31.80 cash back. GT2 Pro £139 minus 27.80 cash back etc
    20% excluding VAT...
  10. Avatar
    0161. That's manchester. You can have that one for nothin.
  11. Avatar
    I can't recommend this watch enough for a dayly use. I get notifications on it, control music from any app, track my exercises and much more. I just don't use all the resources it has available. The lack of nfc is the only down side, but I don't think you will find many watches that can take more than 10 days to drain the battery.
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    Fantastic watch but one feature may be a fatal flaw. Both my partner and myself have one each. I have no problems with mine. However the smartwatch uses Bluetooth to connect to the android smartphone (Samsung) and when the watch is worn in the car, the hands free does not work. Technical people might suggest that Bluetooth does not prioritise devices i.e. the Bluetooth smartwatch over the Bluetooth phone in the car - but the effect is the same - the watch interferes with your Bluetooth connection in the car. There's a number of workarounds but none work in practice. Oddly the smartwatch doesn't take priority in my car and the Bluetooth handsfree works fine. It just doesn't work in my partners car and whether it an Android issue, smartphone (Samsung) issue, car infosystem issue or smartwatch issue - really doesn't matter. Handsfree in car worked fine before the watch was paired on Bluetooth, now handsfree doesn't work. (edited)
    This is true, the watch in my car over powers the cars hands-free so calls automatically go to my watch when dialed from my car I.e sound will come from my watch and not the car speakers. This is a issue I am guessing with Bluetooth interference and the watch taking control. Still... a damn good watch
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    Wear mine daily, love it and it has a more sleek look than many other smart watches. Mine lasts around a week with always on display activated.
  14. Avatar
    I have Apple Watch 7 which I got as a gift, I genuinely Prefered my GT watch. Looks expensive in the flesh
  15. Avatar
    Is this the same watch as the honour magic watch 2 46mm?
    Yes. HONOR.
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  17. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks! There's also a blue light card discount of 5%, but no free delivery with that one. I've had a Huawei band 6 for some time which I've been very happy with, this should be a good upgrade!
    It looks like the shopping cost is dropped off if you don't add details until the very end (at least it did for me)

    48170274_1.jpg (edited)
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    Brilliant watch, beautiful screen, long lasting battery, I actually prefer this over my series 7 which I just sold while I await my Samsung pro 5.

    It's just a shame about the software which lets the watch down massively.
    I had this before but returned it as there wasn’t any way to hide your text messages being displayed, short of turning off notifications altogether. I have my phone set to preview only as I don’t want other people reading my messages. Felt like my watch was just advertising them in massive letters. 😄 I agree the software seemed a bit… unpolished too? Shame as otherwise it was a great watch.
  19. Avatar
    Looks smart, but can you really call this a smart watch?
    I mean you can make/receive calls, get notifications, measure heart rate and spo2, exercise with with live heart rate stages shown and much more
  20. Avatar
    Is anybody using this with an iPhone? If so how does it perform?
    Had it paired with my iPhone for over a year now and it works well. All notifications come up on my watch, I can call and receive phone calls from the watch.
  21. Avatar
    Thanks for notofying of deal i went for the pro with band 4e free and speaker and scales for £151 - happy with that
    Oo didn't realise the pro was on offer
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    The more I see this, the more I love the look of it.
    Even a good price (I reckon) for an Analogue watch with that styling
    Wondering if it's time to retire my 4 year old Galaxy Watch from full time service.....
    BHHIKCN8S5O8ZGP0O - Student code if you decide to buy; I'd move quickly though... they're like vultures on this site
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    Is this comparable with Garmin Music 245. That's what I have my eye on but nearly twice the price
    I bought the 245m initially then returned it to get the gt2. I just can’t get used to the dim screen on Garmin watches, plus you can’t answer phone calls on it. But for exercise tracking, garmin will give you a bit more data. I bought a very basic FR55 for my little girl. It is good for school as there aren’t lots of things to play with and the screen isn’t that easy to read. But the health and sports data is more comprehensive. 245M plays music as a mp3 - you have to save the music to your watch to listen to. GT2 let’s you hear whatever you are playing on your phone. I use the timer a lot to remind my girl to do things. And it can ring your phone if you can’t find it. I find the gt2 more than capable for activity tracking and daily non-exercise uses. I am afraid although 245M gives you more about activities, but for the time you are not moving, it is kind of useless.
  24. Avatar
    This or fit bit versa 3? Can someone advise?
  25. Avatar
    i have the old samsung 46mm watch that i like is this better
  26. Avatar
    Does anyone have a spare student code please?
  27. Avatar
    Get the pro, better build materials so takes a beating and still looks fine with titanium body and sapphire screen. CEX have them for around £100 .. can also charge it on any qi wireless charger (edited)
    That means buying a second hand watch from CES though, closer to 145 new
  28. Avatar
    Great watch I've been using it since it came out and still getting regular updates! Good price and opportunity to put together a bundle at a good price too if you want ♨️
  29. Avatar
    Amazing watch for the price. Heat added
  30. Avatar
    brilliant with android, terrible with IOS. on iphone 12 - Only partial apple functionality and it does not connect 90% of the time. ON saumsung s12 - its slick and very cool. and battery lasts 2 weeks!
  31. Avatar
    Awesome watch! Mrs got this for me as I haven't had a smart watch since the Mi Band 2 as I use to use it for goal notifications when I was big into Match betting. Honestly think it's a great watch. Had it on since week Friday and drill got 21% battery.
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    Is there anyway to download music onto this or have it track your runs? I'm looking for a watch to take running where I don't have to take my phone.
    Yes, this one has around 4gb on board storage for just that reason and has GPS built in so you don't need to take your phone. You will need to download the Huawei Health App though as the GPS only works with that (edited)
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    For those wondering, I was on the fence buying this because for a bloke I have skinny wrists and was concerned it would look massive. I took the plunge though and it looks fine and not too big at all. Awesome battery life. Great watch, worth every penny.
    how big is your wrist lol
  34. Avatar
    Any have a code they can DM me please!
    Thanks got it!
  35. Avatar
    My screen has broke on mine, loved the watch for the time i had it, great battery.

    If anyone has a code please DM me, that would be fantastic thank you.
  36. Avatar
    Am I the only one that prefers traditional watches… rather than a mini phone on my wrist. I can see why people use them but personally not for me… but heat for price and those that will buy
  37. Avatar
    Can someone share a voucher code please.

    Delivery charges £5?? Need any code for free delivery? (edited)
  38. Avatar
    Yea delivery said £5, but it says free delivery…confused

    "Free delivery is available when purchasing HUAWEI WATCH GT 2. Standard delivery is normally £5 on orders less than £99."
  39. Avatar
    Just to confirm - I could use this as a GPS to track a bike ride or a run? Thanks in advance
    Yes, You can..
  40. Avatar
    I've ordered the Matt black as only one with 46mm display and speaker for 1.99. legend thank you!