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Posted 8 September 2023

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro 46mm Black Smartwatch Grade B Condition (Free Collection) + More In Description Including Huawei Watch GT Runner £82

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A few bargain smartwatches with 2 year guarantee, all in graded B condition, whereby from my experience they are mint item, third party accessories, that gt 2 pro is still a brilliant watch, the GT runner a newer release from Huawei a few months ago at around £150

Huawei Watch GT Runner (46MM) - Black, B - £82
Huawei Watch 3 (GLL-AL04) Active Black, B - £90
Huawei Watch GT 3 46MM Smart Watch - Black, B - £95

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro 46MM Smartwatch - Night Black, B
Enjoy the Secrets of Nature
Raise your wrist, you can know the time for sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset. The 8 types of moon phases include new moon, full moon, first quarter moon, etc.

Designed for Your Style
Select the watch face with over 200 plus choices, so it can always match your style of the day.

Accurate Monitoring, Lower Consumption
The upgraded LEDs and premium exterior glass on the back collaborate with intelligent AI algorithm, effectively lowering the power consumption while accurately measuring SpO2 or heart rate.

Skiing and Snowboarding
Huawei watch gt2 Pro provides comprehensive data such as average speed, the maximum slope, track and distance for cross-country skiing, skiing and snowboarding on a ski field.

Personal Golf Coach
The Golf Driving Range mode is capable of analyzing the swing posture intelligently and provide data references for improving your swing speed and frequency.

Workout Modes
Supporting precise data tracking for workout modes, including 17 professional modes and 85 custom modes. Moreover, there are more than 10 running courses.

Professional data helps you train better VO2MaxVO2max consumption reflects cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance capacity in exercise performance.

Scientific Sleep Monitoring
With Huawei TruSleep 2.0, your Huawei watch gt 2 Pro can scientifically track and diagnose 6 common types of sleep issues.

Release Your Stress
Based on Huawei TruRelax technology, Huawei watch gt 2 Pro offers all-day stress monitoring and cares for your health around the clock.

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  1. a.198311's avatar
    Isn't the Huawei Health App is Unsupported in Andriod..? Love the watches, but without wider support for the app they are no use.. (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    You can download huawei app gallery and use the health app very easily and safely, I do it currently with my honor watch
  2. MacReady69's avatar
    I get about a week of battery life from mine and have the Huawei Health app on my Android phone and works great
  3. Rocky69420's avatar
    How long does the battery last on these?
    ItsFrazer's avatar
    Insanely long... I have the 2 I think. And I charge it maybe once every 2 weeks. Maybe less

    But no nfc for payments (edited)
  4. playstak's avatar
    Ha ordered one this Monday from cex aswell. Came on decent condition. This watch still great and looks great compared to even the new models out there.
  5. m4dm3n's avatar
    Have tried quite a few smartwatches but GT2 Pro is probably still my favourite. Great build quality and design, battery last forever, quite good selection of watch-faces, unfortunately mine developed some kind of GPS issues, was taking really long time to detect walking etc.

    Replaced it with Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and feels like a massive downgrade. Can't wait to change back to Huawei as soon as there is a good deal on GT3Pro Titanium or Pro 4.
    flintstone's avatar
    Still using my gt2 pro, love it and can't see me changing it unless it breaks.
  6. vassy4u's avatar
    Great watch. Loved mine.
    Deal_Er's avatar
    "Loved" - So, did the watch die or your love towards it? (edited)
  7. drsleep0000's avatar
    I don't bother with Bluetooth and features,I just like the watch faces,would I get longer than 2 weeks on single charge?
    ItsFrazer's avatar
    About 2 weeks I think
  8. darren_hooker's avatar
    What's the operating platform? Like wear Os etc? Tia
  9. cullies's avatar
    huawei own, not wear or google
  10. expositouk's avatar
    This or the Honor Watch you posted yesterday
    MrSwitch's avatar
    I'd choose this
  11. deejaysuave's avatar
  12. ccp9193's avatar
    So which is better from all these options? Not too much into the health benefits, looking for taking phone calls, messages and watch faces, finally battery. Also would like to have multiple belts, leather ones to keep and change. (edited)
    thedvdmonster's avatar
    This watch does them all. 
  13. Chris_Sargey's avatar
    Looks like good prices!
    Can you put music on all these watches linking to blue tooth headphones and will they track GPS without needing to take phone with you on runs etc?
    Appreciate any help
    thedvdmonster's avatar
    Yes you can add music , haven’t tried adding headphones 
  14. Chris_s420's avatar
    Worth getting if I have an iPhone?
    thedvdmonster's avatar
    Works perfectly well as a cheap alternative to an Apple Watch without the apps but with two week battery life. I use mine for work and Apple Watch when at home. 
  15. ian_uk1975's avatar
    I recently acquired a GT 3 Pro and I'm delighted with it. I don't think the GT 2 Pro is drastically different. (edited)
  16. john_william's avatar
    I still use my gt2e which I use everyday. I have had for over 3yrs and still going strong battery wise. A bummer there is no firmware updates anymore
    Sanity's avatar
    I hate mine. Thinking of getting one of these. Can't decide between gt2 pro or gt3??? (edited)
  17. Xtrykyr's avatar
    46mm? that's huge
  18. MacroidiantHUKD's avatar
    Mine got delivered today. Not in original box (fair enough), big scratch down side of case (not fair enough). Worth a punt if some are getting mint examples but sending mine back. Nice looking, quality watch but can't get over that scratch...
  19. seb24's avatar
    £90 now
's avatar