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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro Smartwatch, Nebula Grey - Used Very Good £96.18 at checkout @ Amazon Warehouse

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Warehouse deal with the 20% available.

Currently 7x 'Very Good' available at £120.22, so £96.18 with the 20% off (delivered)

Got mine last Thursday, immaculate in every way and seems to be accurate tracking steps, sleep and swimming.

Have turned off most 'smart' features as that's not what *I* wanted, and currently sitting at 75% battery after almost 4 days with constant heart rate tracking and one swim.

Nice screen and plenty of free (and paid) faces available, no issues with stuttering or freezing - did some homework and most people seem happy with the device, some people just expect more 'features'...

Got a silicone strap (amazon.co.uk/dp/…2Z?) and some extra chargers (amazon.co.uk/dp/…7T3) that work well too.
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    People often ask if additional apps can be installed on this watch. Here are screenshots of the entire AppGallery. As you can see, the list isn't huge.

    Many of these need a companion app to be running on your phone.

    49501501-Butn6.jpg49501501-VNwA9.jpg49501501-bfJ9I.jpg49501501-WVCrc.jpg49501501-QZw9C.jpg49501501-7vhtD.jpg (edited)
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    is there any way to search warehouse deals specifically with the 20% available?
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    Careful giving your data to the Chinese Communist Party with this device.
    Good lord not this again….

    You’re 1000 times more likely to have ALL your data harvested by the UK/US governments, or haven’t you heard of Tempora? for example and all the others stuff via Apple, Google, Facebook, etc … the CCP are not interested in your dog pictures, gym workouts they are about dissent and control inside China …read this regarding Tempora

    amnesty.org.uk/why…den (edited)
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    Had this before upgrading to the GT3 recently which was on offer for £160. Great watch.
    love this watch, my daily watch

    not enough in the GT3 for me to justify upgrading.

    as for others, depends what you want out of a 'smartwatch', 10 day battery life, measures fitness, receives notifications (but no reply).

    Class it more a fitness watch, that looks like a real watch with a long batter life.
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    Thanks for the post.
    Similar price on CEX for GRADE A (£105) and B (£90).
    I just got the GT3 pro and it's very nice. Whether it's it's worth the extra money is another question. It's useful for ECG and Arterial Stiffness. If you don't need these extras, then stick with the GT2 pro.
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    Gorgeous looking watch, especially the grey version. I bought a B grade from CEX which was still boxed and looked new.
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    Brilliant watch. Bought this 6 months ago to replace an original older 3 year old Watch GT.

    In my opinion, what it lacks in "Smart features" it makes up with battery life, and efficient OS. Having previously used Android Wear OS watches, I always found the battery life an issue, the apps also seemed compromised. Watch GT watches strike a nice balance between function and durability.

    The plus side for on the Pro version are the premium materials (sapphire glass and titanium body) these keep an incredibly good looking watch in perfect condition, without you looking like "Ben 10" (unless you regularly use Bluetooth calling) (edited)
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    Nice looking watch. Had it for a week before I sent it back and went back to Samsung watch though. Alarms don't sync and if you're using your phone and receive messages, it still vibrates your watch. Would've kept if they synced properly with Samsung.
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    I was late to this deal but managed to find a 'like new' one for about £100. Thank you so much
    For those not opposed to cashback deals, it's worth keeping an eye out for Curry's on Quidco and Topcashback (look down this list for the Huawei specific cashback offers). I bought new last year for a similar price to this after cashback. Bit of a gamble, but worked out well for me. I got free subscription Apple TV and Music to boot.
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    Thanks just purchased was lookin for a good smart watch for a while and this looks very good 😃
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    Great watch. My Samsung/Garmin/Fitbit versa all suck compared to gt2.
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    49494665-Lywjc.jpgThanks op saved extra £1.93 with my zilch card 😃
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    Ordered, thanks OP
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    Thanks for sharing @jimbo_wa
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    Any idea how is this compared to Huawei watch 3 please?
    Older processor and OS, the 3 Pro has additonal sensors.
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    The health app is no longer available in the play store to pair with
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    Anyone able to confirm strap size please I can't seem to find it?
    22mm, are you talking about length?
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    Great watch.
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    Can I sync with Strava and can I download golf courses on this ?
    No to Strava, not sure on golf sorry.
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    Random one, anyone know if this can this be connected to a Peloton for heart rate tracking? (edited)
    Not sure but you better buy heart belt monitor as it’s more accurate than wrist one
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    I was keen to bite the bullet on this watch. But unfortunately, you cannot turn off Bluetooth on this model which is a shame and should be a basic feature. (edited)
    There isn't an actual Bluetooth toggle, however there is an option to disconnect from devices within the settings menu. It's not a feature I've ever looked for on a watch until today.