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Posted 18 May 2023

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 SE Black Smart Watch - £119.59 With Code Delivered @ Huawei UK

£119.59£1297% off
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Code to use is A8WPCOVSMAY for 8% off all wearables, including the pro at £229

The Huawei Watch GT 3 SE takes the guesswork out of your workouts. It can monitor over 100 workout modes including running, skiing, golf, or diving – great for finding out where you can improve your performance. And since being well rested is just as important, it can also keeptrack of your sleep, stress levels and vitals. With up to 14 days of battery life, you'll have one less charger to take on your holiday.

Good to know

- TruSeen 5.0+ precisely monitors your heart rate and blood oxygen all day, and it will notify you of any anomalies
- To help you rest easy, TruSleep 3.0 measures your sleep and gives your quality scores in the morning
- Thanks to a wide selection of popular apps you can do more without pulling out your phone
- The watch is waterproof down to 30 m so you can wear it while swimming and diving

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  1. irishsea's avatar
    I have the huawei gt 2 and am trying to figure out if it's worth upgrading. I'm on Android, but my partners new Apple watch is making me a bit jealous lol. (edited)
    tinfoilhat's avatar
    Jealous why? my wife's got the series 8 apple watch. Her watch spends more time on the charger than her wrist, absolute nail of a product. I have the honour band 7, it lasts about 10 days without charging. We compared the HR and blood sensor, mostly the same but the HR on mine was on average 1bpm different. I paid £30, she paid over £400. The apple watch is the biggest rip off I've ever seen
  2. A7ce's avatar
    These Huawei watches are great on just battery life alone, charge in about 2 hours and last 10-14 days, compared to others that average 3-4 days. If they fulfill what you need , tracker, time, calls, music then brill - and there's no point comparing with features in watches at 4 times the price that you won't use. Have had one for a about 3 years now and the communist party hasn't knocked once on my door.
  3. currybum2's avatar
    Nice one Switchy
  4. Squiggle's avatar
    HR for exercise are atrocious which lets all the other stats down as many are based on heart rate, if you want it for running then forget it.
  5. Edd_Scott's avatar
    Got the original GT watch which is great.. not much of an update. But do like the pro
  6. thelatics's avatar
    No NFC - can't understand why we haven't moved fwd these days seeing as we pay for everything by electronic means , Apple do it why very few Android watches.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    I don't, but maybe I'm in the minority?
  7. sharif76's avatar
    Can we respond to text messages from this watch?
  8. steve1221's avatar
    Any deals on the 3 pro now the 4's on the horizon?
    rheumatoid's avatar
    About this deal

    Code to use is A8WPCOVSMAY for 8% off all wearables, including the pro at £229
  9. Zimmy's avatar
    Doesn't it send a message to Xi Jinping every time you fart?
    surreyspireite's avatar
    Not every time, or second... only turd..
  10. Miles_Scott's avatar
    Does this watch do blood pressure?
    Squiggle's avatar
    It raised my blood pressure with its inaccurate heart rate readings. No, it doesn't do blood pressure.
  11. jumpinoffthbed's avatar
    Anyone tried the fake ones on AliExpress? They look like decent copies be interesting to hear about the performance of a 30 quid copy
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