Posted 6 December 2022

Huawei WIFI Mesh 7, AX6600 Whole Home Coverage, wifi 6, tri band £218.49 with code @ Huawei

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I've been looking for a WIFI 6 Tri-band mesh system without breaking the bank and this came up; I already have 3x Huawei AX3000 wifi plus units and hoping this will provide better backhaul between the main unit in my annex and the rest of the house (can't lay cat7 outdoor).

Use code AOVS5WFD to get an additonal 5% off to bring the price down to £218.49
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    I've had these for a few months now and say they do the job for what I wanted. And thats basically get my 500mb FTTP from the living room (ground floor, front right) to my games room (1st floor, rear left). So in reality the 2 furthest rooms away from each other 25-30 ft in distance as the crow flys with a couple of walls in between as well as the ceiling.

    The good thing with these is that the wireless backhaul is then over all 3 bands (2.4Ghz, 5Ghz(1) and 5Ghz(2)). So between my 2 nodes, my connection is normally around the 700-800mb can be lower into 600s but seen it go over 1000mb. All my games consoles are connected via ethernet so I max out my 500mb connection fully. Even using my laptop on wireless in the same room maxes out the connection and I get the same results from the 2nd node like the main 1.

    1 thing I have had to do and thats more down to our phones was to separate out the Wifi bands into different networks as our Samsung A53s would have issues when it was between 2 nodes at certain points (It couldnt decide which to connect to and would be in an endless connect disconnect loop). No other devices had this. But what its allowed me to do is then use the 2.4Ghz band for low end devices like security cams, heating, nests etc and then use everything else on 5Ghz(1) as that has a maximum of 1200mb, then I leave 5Ghz(2) completely free for the backhaul as I don't want to interfere with the backhaul capability, as that alone provides over 500mb connection between the nodes by itself for the majority of the time. So while separating the bands seems like a pain as I now have 3 Wifi Network names, I do like the ability to choose what devices connect to what network.

    They also have 4x 1Gb Ethernet ports so plenty to plug devices into, got all 4 used on the 2nd Node and then 1 spare left on the main 1. (edited)
    This is a screenshot of my App just now. As you can see connection speed between the 2 is 881Mb using all 3 wireless bands. (edited)
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    There was an additional discount for students on a previous deal for these. Not sure if it's still available but might be useful to someone.
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    Yh these looks decent to be honest. Was looking at the Asus wifi6 tri for 260 plus from amazon but think these would still do the job. Cheers postee

    And with ax6600 this should stamp out any dead spot (edited)
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    I managed to add on my existing ax3 quad core routers into the mesh network. Now performance isn't as good as the mesh7 but it definitely extended the range.
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    Have got this and so far impressed. Virgin hub 5 router in modem mode and my WiFi throughout my house is so much better. It's like the virgin router had decided to stop working in some areas
    Just want to test the huawei with the virgin in normal mode, whilst i know it'll cause double NAT it'll be good to know it can work like that.
    If there still are some weaker areas, grab a an ax3 and it a a cheap way to expand coverage further. It's absolutely brilliant now, the Tri band element makes it incredibly fast
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    Wi-Fi 7?
    No it's called Mesh 7 with WiFi 6
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    Sorry for the dumb comment.. would these be a big upgrade on the BT Wholehome discs for my flat? We don’t do online gaming, but do work from home stream 4K movies etc… speed on discs at furthest point is a little disappointing. (edited)
    If the bt wholehone offers WiFi 6 and tri-band, then this won't be an upgrade as such. If you use ethernet to connect between the discs, then the tri-band element probably is negligible.
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    What’s the return policy like, want to try them and if they great will keep them
    14 days to initiate a return so enough time for testing
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    Does this have "AP Mode"?
    I'm on Virgin though would like to keep the 4 ethernet ports in use on my current hub (using 3 and sometimes 4 into another room) and if it has this mode then it gives me options. Also thinking that I loose the 2.5gb port from my virgin hub though I'd have these 3 1gb ports spare. So am I making more of this than i need too, especially with my current package being 500mb?
    This does seem a good deal to get better wifi speed throughout my house.
    I can't see AP mode but I don't see why your VM Hub's Ethernet ports would be out of use of this is connected to it.

    This would certainly provide more coverage to the rest of your house and some of guys have posted interesting comments about their setups which show high speeds being achieved around their homes.

    For the money, I don't think there's any other new WiFi 6 tri band mesh system that can provide the results I'm getting.