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Huawei WiFi WS5200 New - AC1300 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router, 867 Mbps/5 GHz + 400 Mbps/2.4 GHz - £18.95 @ Amazon

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Gigabit Speed: Wi-Fi speed up to 867 Mbps at 5 GHz + 400 Mbps at 2.4 GHz, and connects up to 64 devices. Simultaneous operation on 2.4 GHz and on 5 GHz, auto connecting to the optimal Wi-Fi
Strong, Stable Connection: HUAWEI WiFi WS5200 NEW is improved to 1.2 GHz dual-core processor ensures stronger signals and more stable
Comprehensive Parental Control: Keep track of your family's online activities, block out inappropriate websites and limit access to selected devices
HUAWEI AI Life App*: Manage your router to connect devices, manage your online activities, and control network security on your phone. (*HUAWEI AI Life App is supported by Android, while iOS devices requires HUAWEI Smart Home App. Actual features of this app may vary upon later updates)
Easier Setup in 3 Steps: 1. Connect the router’s Wi-Fi and browsing any website will open the configuration page automatically, 2. Input your PPPoE account(Skip when DHCP mode), 3. Input your own Wi-Fi name & password, and all is done
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    I have this one from a previous deal. I think this is a decent router for the price.
    How do I copy my original Wifi from Talktalk router and create a simple mesh system (using a LAN cable to connect these two routers together)? anyone can help please ?
    I dont have this router so i cant give you the specific menus, but effectively you set the ssid and password the same as the primary routers, have them running on different channels to reduce wireless interference and lastly you want to find bridge mode and turn it on on the secondary router so that it doesn't try to handle dhcp (you only want the primary router to handle this), then just connect them together via ethernet ports (some routers also support wireless bridge mode) and in theory you are good to go. Dont forget this isn't true mesh networking as there is a specific protocol used for that. Your devices should then connect to which ever signal is strongest, though some devices they dont always switch seamlessly.
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    There must be a reason so many countries are banning Huawei networking products....
    Political most likely, not that i'm endorsing them in anyway.
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    Are these any good? Superbly cheap
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    4* star 508 reviews on Amazon
    Amazon clumps all reviews for multiple products together. So, any product page that has multiple options like this will have reviews for all those products. So a lot of the reviews are for the AX3000, not the AC1300, which this is.

    That's one downside to Amazon reviews is that you need to actually inspect each review and look at which product is being reviewed. (edited)
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    Were the Chinese only versions firmware hacked in any way still have one as a random spare
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    Beginner question: do I swap my current router with this or plug a lan cable into this? Thanks
    Is your current router also your modem? because this is a router only so if you currently have only a single router/modem box for your internet like most setups in the uk then you plug this router into that and set the old router to modem only mode. Then the old one is just used to get the internet connection and this new one handles all the wifi and ethernet stuff.
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    I purchased this exact item a month ago and returned it.

    I tried to use it as a Wi-Fi repeater and it kept failing to connect to the main router after the initial setup.