Hubsan H301S 5.8GHz FPV Airplane RTF EU Plug-278.04 £195.25 |

Hubsan H301S 5.8GHz FPV Airplane RTF EU Plug-278.04 £195.25 |

Found 18th Mar 2016
I got my one for £152.xx delivered from Europe, price Chang time to time but when I took a look I think the sight had some glitch or I just got really lucky!!!!!

Anyways, right now Gearbest are offering discount so it £195.25 and £21.50 for delivery I think.

Take photography to a new level with the Sky Camera Airplane, which can take photos and video from as high as 1000 meters in the air. The camera can hold up to 30 minutes of 1920 x 1080resolution video and quality aerial pictures. Use the two simple joysticks to control while the app shows you the aerial view and allows you to quickly adjust the camera on the fly. This amazing plane is simple to fly with 2.4 GHz technology and GPS system, so you can concentrate on recording your world.

• 1812 Brushless Motor, KV3200: The brushless motor means longer lifespan, lower maintenance and higher efficiency
• Video & Audio 5.8GHz Transmission: High output power, low power consumption, and low harmonic radiation of the transmitter 

• Motor: 1812 Brushless, KV3200
• Built in gyroscope which is used to stabilize the helicopter's heading
• Transmitter: 2.4GHz with 3.5” LCD monitor
• Video & Audio: 5.8GHz transmission
• The total range for the airplane is 1000 meters with an average flight time of about 20-30 minutes
on a single 7.4v lithium-ion battery
• The included media cable makes it easy to share videos and photos you've taken from the sky
• Features autopilot mode that can self adjust in the event of sudden gust of wind
• 120 degree wide recording angle
• Camera Resolution: 1920 x 1080
• ESC: 12A Brushless
• Battery: 7.4V, 1300mAh
• Memory Card: Micro SDHC class6 2G-32G (Excluded)
• Total Length: 750mm 
• Fuselage Length: 200mm
• With a red and green led light allows to fly at night



Brand: Hubsan 
Type: RC Helicopters 
Functions: Sideward flight, With light, Up/down, Forward/backward, Turn left/right 
Built-in Gyro: Yes 
Night Flight: Yes


Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control, Built-in LCD Display 
Channel: 4-Channels 
Mode: Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle) 
Transmitter Power: 1 x Li-battery(Not included) 
Helicopter Power: Built-in rechargeable battery 
Battery Capacity: 7.4V 1300mAh

Dimension and Weight

Package Weight : 3.4 kg 
Package Size (L x W x H) : 104 x 18 x 37 cm / 40.87 x 7.07 x 14.54 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x RC Airplane, 1 x Transmitter
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Ah man, don't get me into another hobby
You have time for hobbies, your not partying enough lol

Ah man, don't get me into another hobby

​LoL, don't u know it!

You have time for hobbies, your not partying enough lol

​Thanks...until I just read your comments had I realised how Right U R! ....Thanks still
Presumably shipped from China - how do they send , regular airmail or EMS (who I've heard bad things about). Do we get stung for vat ?

Presumably shipped from China - how do they send , regular airmail or … Presumably shipped from China - how do they send , regular airmail or EMS (who I've heard bad things about). Do we get stung for vat ?Thx

​Not sure what bad things u heard? can u send me the link of these bad comments?

I have brought several things from & even both from China with ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS!!

Ok so you can get it from Europe or China but u need to select it on after u do search on the site. Price can vary depending on location, I'm not sure but sometimes it's cheaper from China and other times from Europe, both have warehouse but sometimes if they allow drop shipping like, it can sometimes be faster.

Regarding the Shipping - it entirely depends on what u select so u got regular, tracked, insured...etc and this will change price also so again please check.

There is a very good review on RCGroup on internet and also YouTube, so please check if you want.

Personally, I love it! I had the model before this which now comparing with this upgrade is day and night difference. It is really that good. Take it really high up and enjoy flying via your Transmitter HD Screen.

Like I mentioned, I got it delivered with product for total of £152.xx - I'm not sure why I wasn't even charged for postage, I just got lucky FOR SURE as the old model is that price.... haha LoL!

Sometimes there's other promotional price reduction or discount or coupon to help with price reduction. I'm joined to both Gearbest and Banggood, everytime you make purchase, or submit review or share via Facebook you can earn points, I had a lot so shaved pounds off from different other purchase.

I hope this helps, r u an experienced pilot? out if curiosity? This model got auto stabiliser so flying half done by the Transmitter, you can switch to Manual or Auto Pilot in option screen by holding or pressing enter I think.

You can find manual in PDF to download if you want to check some stuff about the RC FPV Plane Glider!
Link to Manual : But u need to select as guided above comment. Manual Download Page
Night Mode - Switch the far right flick switch to turn on Led Lights in night mode or when you just feel like it...$_57%20(1)_4.JPG
Okay, now for those who want to know about another upgraded Transmitter with Android system, but not for Hubsan Spy Hawk H301S Plane/Glider but for the new Drone FPV Copter H109S I believe it was, but I have heard that it can still pilot the H301S Plane/FPV Video as similar frequency and buttons, switches however not confirmed but speculated, it is expensive! here is the link and photos, enjoy!

H7000 Android System RC Transmitter

(_;) (_;) X) oO
price gone back up
So do you pay customs for this or what?
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