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Hudson 3 Seater Click Clack Sofa Bed (4 colours) - £287.20 with code @ Dusk

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About this deal

Simple, elegant and versatile, this Hudson Click Clack Sofa Bed in a beautiful shade of deep and dusky charcoal is the smart way to do sleepovers.

Sleepover in style

Whether you’re sitting, sleeping or snoozing, the Hudson Click Clack Sofa Bed is both stylish and versatile. With removable cushions and a plush fibre filling that you can sink into, it’s the perfect addition to your home for both you and your guests.

Made with a luxurious and soft to the touch velvet fabric in a stunning shade of charcoal, attention has been paid to every beautifully crafted detail. From an elegant buttoned design with subtle piping to the black metal legs for a contemporary feel, the Hudson Click Clack Sofa Bed is the ultimate in both style and comfort.

With a click clack mechanism for a smart and seamless transition from 3 seater sofa to small double bed, the Hudson Click Clack Sofa Bed is light and easy to move, blending perfectly with your lifestyle, as well as your decor.

And relax…

Easy to assemble, your Hudson Click Clack Sofa Bed will be delivered not only to your home, but to the room of your choice. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and relax and decide who you’re inviting over
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    I would stay away

    Have 2 friends and a cousin of mine who made a purchase from this website. Quality both product and service is what you get for the price (COULD BE WORST)

    I did advise them not to purchase from there!! (edited)
    We’ve ordered a sofa from Dusk and was impressed with the service and value. Perhaps your 2 friends are particularly difficult to deal with 🙃
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    I recently bought a bed from them, think they have only recently entered the furniture game, they were confused when I asked what the warranty on the bed was, bought it anyway and wish I hadn't it's poorly made and squeaks, DUSK did offer me a £70 partial refund mind, however I'd stay away from their furnisher.
    saying that this price is mad cheap, I bought this from dreams for £640~ dreams.co.uk/gal…340 and it's excellent this doesn't look too different.
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    Suspicious comments in this post
  4. Avatar
    Those legs look a bit spindly, don't think it would last 5 minutes with our young kids
    Yep agreed..one of my farts have taken out thicker legs than those, think I'll look elsewhere
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    To this day I dont understand furniture costs in the UK. The prices are OBSCENE compared to some other european markets and the furniture loses half its value out of the door of the shop...

    For context, I don't mean the sofa on this deal just furniture in general. (edited)
    I agree. I think prices are generally obscene for a large variety of goods and services in UK.
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    I'm sure it's as good as any other sofa bed in this style. If anyone has ever sat on one of these types you'll realise why they are so cheap. It feels a bit like sitting on a plastic box that has been covered with a blanket. Then as a bed it's a bit like lying down on a plastic box that has been covered with a blanket.
    I'm sitting on a cheap click-clack sofa bed right now. And I had the misfortune of sleeping on it last week over xmas. The above description is accurate. (edited)
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    The Bots have infiltration this thread
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    My blow up bed would be more comfortable and a lot cheaper.
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    People are being suspicious over nothing lol purchased stuff from THESE GUYS before, but only bedding. Good quality for the price. Furniture at that price I wouldn’t expect amazing, but should be good enough for most, not overweight people (judging by the legs).
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    The bedding is fab, not bought any furniture from there
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    Has anyone got one?
    No, sorry.
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    Seems to be like 15 week delivery?
  13. Avatar
    Yes, what's it like, anyone?
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    Anyone know if this would arrive pre-assembled, or would we have to assemble it.
    Haven’t ordered yet but it will most likely require assembly.
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    Wish it was in black.
    Sorry Mr Wayne, it doesn't come in black. (edited)
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    Anyone who can vouch for sleep comfort and quality?
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    I've bought two lots of bedding from Dusk and have had no problems, quality is good and delivery was quick
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    Suspicious? Really?
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    Anyone have a recommendation for a good pull-out type of sofa bed. I have a budget of about 2.5k
    Worth checking out sofasofa, we got one years ago from them, although it’s hardly been used. The matching corner sofa lasted pretty well though. Both made in house and were good quality and well priced. Also furniture village have some good deals on at the moment too.
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    Awful sofa
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    As bad as Made.com?
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    I have towels from Dusk and they are simply the best towels I've ever owned. Wonder if the furniture is as good.
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    Look at nabru sofas had my 10 years still going and still comfy