Hudson Hawk DVD - £1 @ Poundland (Instore only)

Hudson Hawk DVD - £1 @ Poundland (Instore only)

Found 9th May 2010
Did a quick search and couldn't see this on here. Just to go along with the excellent deal posted of 'Land of The Dead' DVD for a squid (which is the director's cut by the way) comes Hudson Hawk for the price of a golden nugget. Not everyone's favourite movie; I know; but I actually loved it. Over-the-top acting and even more over-the-top actors such as Richard E. Grant and Sandra Bernhard, Danny Aiello and of course Bruce Willis.

Has to be worth a quid anyway. Maybe not much more though...

"Oh Bunny..........ball ball!"


I think somebody would have to give me a pound to take it..terrible film.


Also I have added heat because it's not about me liking the film but the deal.

i dont think its a bad film
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