Hue (PS Vita) £6.19 on PSN store

Hue (PS Vita) £6.19 on PSN store

Found 22nd Nov 2016
Sort of a cross between a heads up and a deal. Edited to correct release date

- Hue launches on 29th November for the PS Vita
- The PS4 version is currently 48% off ('go to deal' link), but this price expires soon
- Buying the PS4 version will also get you the Vita version via cross-buy (

So, buying the PS4 version now is the cheapest way to get the Vita version when it launches

Well-reviewed puzzle game (77 Metacritic/8.2 user)
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Looks like the sort of game that's perfect for the vita. Might give it a go X)
Also looks like classic PS+ material in a few months, being cross buy and all...
got this on xb1, great lil game!

I really like the music, and the voice artist sounds like Daisy Ridley (Oh, Daisy Ridley!) but I'm not sure I'm that into the art style... still I might give it a go!
I'm gonna be super fussy. It's a Puzzle Platformer. Very different to a Puzzle game.
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