Huge 1/2 Price Easter Sale @ Gamestation
Huge 1/2 Price Easter Sale @ Gamestation

Huge 1/2 Price Easter Sale @ Gamestation

Gamestation are having a huge half price easter sale. Similar to that of previous Christmas sales.
This will likely be both online and instore.
A worth while quote maybe "New releases and Nintendo DSi is set to benefit from the promotional activity, with up to 50 per cent off recently released software"
Heres is a link to MCV's article
This should be rather good with alot of high end titles receiving good reductions.


Ill wait and see what sort of reductions there will be

Thanks for the heads up anyways

They already have this sale on don't they? (House of the Dead: Overkill, Madworld £17.49, Fracture £9.99, etc).

they are already doing some half priced deals such as gears 2 for 20 quid, fracture for 10. wonder if this is an extention or the sale sale


I wonder if the 5 for £10 HD-DVD sale is finally gonna start?

5 for £10 deal on HD-DVD's has already started at my local store in maidenhead, You can call to confirm if you like. I saw titles like TMNT,Oceans 11/12, Mad Max 2 , The Hitcher, Blood Diamond and a few others.

I did however pick up 10 so there were less than 9 left when I left.


yes - apparently its a mistake.

i will check the local agian, but always the same "some stores did it by mistake, it is on the cards... but not yet"
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