huge chocolate reduction in tesco from £10 to   £0.60 instore

huge chocolate reduction in tesco from £10 to £0.60 instore

LocalFound 18th Apr 2017
Ferrero s reduced from £10 to 1.90

mini Toblerone s 69p

roses easter eggs 50p

50 packs of harabo £2

tescos finest truffles 30p

loads more as well.
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    Think this is certain stores as Gloucester is still normal price
    wow weee this is obscene and shouldnt have been posted until after the watershed cant get my heat in quick enough great find
    i went to Tesco thismorning but didnt think to look out for reduced Easter stuff... doh!
    Couldn't find anything left in Aylesbury yesterday!
    60p to £1.99? That's not a reduction...
    Definitely store specific, depends on stock availability
    Yeah all store specific... we have mini eggs packets for 50p and the mini cream egg ones too... cracking deal for the Ambassador's Favourite... My Mirs loves the Raffaellos but £1.90 is almost worth it for 8 of them :P
    What store?
    let the geese take flight
    Tesco - Cold
    I love huge chocolates....
    I got a 511g box of Thornton's for £2.50 and a 525g case of Ferrero Rocher for £3.

    Cirencester branch.
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    there was about 15 Ferrero packets reduced from 10 to 1.90 Toblerone mini pack 60p from 3.50 and just loads of stuff. it was on 2 trollies.
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    also bobble water bottles from 8 to 80p toothbrushes 10p
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    condoms 20p
    so this was the yellow reduced sticker right? hence it would be store specific

    condoms 20p

    Had loads of choc reduced in tesco west bromwich yesterday. It was with all the Easter items.
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