HUGE clearance instores at HOMEBASE
HUGE clearance instores at HOMEBASE

HUGE clearance instores at HOMEBASE

HOMEBASE have a national clearance.. Including ...
lighting (indoors and outdoors)
Bathroom Accessories
Photo frames / canvases
duvet sets
Diningware and LOTS LOTS more

Spoke to a salesperson in my local store and was told HOMEBASE have been told by headoffice to sell everything off super cheap as they are no longer going to be stocking any of the above. lots of bargains to be had


maybe you got lucky

I had a nose around our store and it was all very disappointing in terms of % off, so far, at least

voted hot anyway as it's worth a look

is it has huge as the "40 million" email they constantly emailed weekly.
are we going to now have 1 post for 1 shop daily from now until February.
not having a go at op but if they wanted a sale they should have had a proper one.


they have odd stuff such as lamps , toilet, washing basket and a toaster

Its following the buy-out by an Australian company - stores will be re-branded Bunnings oO

:Wonder if there will be the obligatory "sausage sizzle" every Saturday outside Bunnings as in Oz
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Really ? I also heard today that theres some sort of election on in america right now too ? (_;)

Impossible situation for a store that has "Always low prices", allegedly. Never been impressed and continue not to be.

Think they just giving you a chance to view these items before they hire a skip and dump the lot .
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Not a huge clearance by any stretch of the imagination. Discounts vary store by store which is annoying. Crawley Homebase is one of the worst with very poor discounts on the power tools. The Lewes store offered some of the best discounts. Stock low now so hardly worth the petrol money.

Biggest load of "Horlicks". Wild goose chase. Have been to my local store now on numerous occasions and actually noticed that they had put up the price on a flush ceiling light and when I asked about the bargains in other stores and showed them the HUKD website , they just said the managers in those stores would be looking for new jobs soon!

They closed the one down next to me.

Got lots of pots for a fraction of the original price, olive trees have been repotted so they are happy
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