Huge Savings On Memory Cards
Couldn't see this already even with search so took a shot at posting.

16GB CF Was £355.99 Now £181.99

12GB CF Was £266.99 Now 136.99

8GB CF Was £164.99 Now £90.99

4GB CF Was £91.99 Now £46.99

2GB CF Was £42.99 Now £28.99

1GB CF Was £23.99 Now £18.99

Also have USB Memory Sticks as well as Pro Duo and SD Cards.


Not voted cold, but I don't think that this is such a great deal!

£18.99 for a 1Gb card is scandalous

Is it me or is it freezing in here.........Awful prices, sorry. Take a look at 7dayshop to see how high those prices really are. Not quite sure we have a non biased OP here......:whistling:

Rubbish, sorry

Also remember to add on £3.99 for postage!

I pity anyone that bough a card from them before these discounts!



Too expensive (grabs coats) Brr
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