Hugely Reduced Toys at Waitrose

Hugely Reduced Toys at Waitrose

Found 8th Aug 2008
Just been to my local Waitrose (Sheffield) and they were reducing a number of toys by large amounts.

I picked up a Barbie Singing Island Princess for £1.50 (down from £8.50!) and a Kid KNEX puppy set for £1.99 (down from £7.99) They also had a Penguin KNEX set for the same amount.

They had another Barbie Island Princess for £2.99, some Playmobil sets and a make your own bracelet type set. I didn't see how much these were I'm afraid.

They were in the middle of reducing them as I was there so there may be other things added to the list! These would make lovely cheap presents for childrens birthday parties!
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How do you find out if your local store has toys? Do most of them? I haven't been in our local one - St Albans - but would go to look at these offers if I knew they had toys.
Thank you loads for this post - not so much for the toys, but because I hadn't realised there was a Waitrose in Sheffield! Fab!
Sheffield Waitrose is one of the better branches throughout the country - good value reductions, good choice, peaceful shop, very friendly staff... There are many Waitrose shops down here in London but none is as nice as the Sheffield one. Therefore I doubt whether the other shops would reduce their toys in line with the OP.
Probably because most of us non-Southerners are generally too tight to shop in Waitrose, hence the stores are always half-empty!

In case anyone hasn't seen it, Waitrose are doing an on-line ordering service which you can then (I think) have delivered or collect in store. It costs £3 if you're collecting, but at the moment they're offering £15 off a £50 shop if you use the code SAVE15. You can use it twice per person. It's probably posted in more detail on here somewhere, I saw it on MSE a couple of weeks ago and just thought I'd mention it.
Thanks. I'll investigate. I'm stocking up for Christmas.

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