huggies 3 for 2 at boots
huggies 3 for 2 at boots

huggies 3 for 2 at boots

huggies 3 for 2 at boots
aslo 200 extra points when you spend £20 or more on nappies or wipes


Cheers for that. Nappies are one of those items that I really hate paying out for. Deals like this make it a little easier. Many thanks

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your very welcome and i know what you mean about nappies

A good deal for nappies, and those extra points always come in handy as well.

We have started using ones from Aldi, they still work out cheaper than the 3 4 2 deal, and the quality is just as good as the branded ones if not better, we are using size 2 , 56 pack is £4.99


Okay, who bought them all. Nearly everything out of stock.

Great, I saw the offer in store but there wasn't 3 for 2 when normally shopping online with boots, thank you for the link. I just ordered some size 3 natural fit huggies. At least there are some left in stock!
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