huggies dry nites 99p at 99p store

huggies dry nites 99p at 99p store

Found 7th Nov 2008
huggies dry nites 99p at 99p store this is for a pack of 27 for ages 4-7 years what a great deal just got 4 packs as thats all they had everyone had loads and shop assist said there getting more in so hope you get some



Where? which shop?

never heard of 99p store!

tell us more

Can you confirm which branch? This is a great deal if you are able to get any.

excellent i'm off into town now, hope there is some left

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im in halifax west yorkshire sorry i cant help more its just called the 99p store

are they nation wide?

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yeah think so i was in scarbough a couple of weeks ago and i saw one there

Further info here, where you will be able to do find it there is a store near you.

Fantastic! I found them in Brighton. They had loads of 4-7 yrs 11 items per pack , saved a fortune. Thanks OP.
Opened tonight and I think the reason they are selling them is that they are plain white rather than having a printed design.
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