Huggies Newborn Starter Pack At Asda - First Box Free Then £1 Each

Huggies Newborn Starter Pack At Asda - First Box Free Then £1 Each

Found 17th Jan 2012
Bit Tricky...
If you join Asda Baby Club you can print a voucher for a Huggies Newborn Starter Pack for Free.

Redeem instore.

Pack Contains:
(27 Newborn Nappies, Full Pack of Huggies Pure Wipes & a little hat, PLUS VOUCHERS - £2 off further Newborn starter packs or nappies, £1 off huggies pure wipes and £2 off little swimmers).

Newborn Starter Packs in store are only £3 per box at the moment...redeem the £2 voucher...making it only £1 per box!

Huggies Pure Wipes instore & online for £1 per pack at present so redeem the £1 voucher against them also for more free packs of wipes!

My partner and I both signed up to Asda baby club so got 2 vouchers for free boxes.

It may take a bit of going back and forth (i.e. purchase, cut out vouchers, redeem, purchase, cut out vouchers, redeem etc.) but I did this when the offer was last on in August and got 8 packs which saw my baby right through the early weeks!

£6 brought us...216 Newborn Nappies, 16 packs of 64 Huggies Pure Wipes and 8 hats!

Little swimmers are only £3 per pack at the moment to so use the £2 off voucher to get them for £1! Usually around £6 per pack!

My first post so hope I'm being helpful...and that it all makes sense!


Can you tell me where you go to print off the voucher? I joined but didn't get a voucher and can't find anything on the website to print it off!!

buy one pack then use the £2 remaining on other costly items, bog roll or washing powder, then return the nappies on their own you get back £3.71 usually

Wondering about this. My baby is too old for the newborn nappies, but it is a good deal for just the wipes anyway. What to do with the nappies though, Asda do take things back without a receipt and I could perhaps exchange them for bigger?

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Just signed up with another a new email address and followed the registration process, automatically went through to printing the voucher when registration was complete. Did get a pop up saying 'Java plug in was blocked because it is out of date', dont know if that means anything but I clicked 'run this time' and the page loaded!

Yeah I did one in the wifes name and i got the same, can't figure out the one in my name though. Maybe use another email address

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That should work, we used different email addresses to register
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