huggies night time pull ups reduced to £1.38 in asda

huggies night time pull ups reduced to £1.38 in asda

Found 8th May 2013
Huggies night time pull ups have been reduced to £1.38, I found them in Ramsgate store not sure if it is national.


Half price in my asda - £2.75

rock bottom deal LOL!!!!!!!!

Is this for any size, and is it store specific or online too

choice they were £2.75 in mine for all sizes, even 6's

girls size 4 & 5 £1.38 and size 6 werw £2.75 in bloxwich asda, boys £2.75 all sizes

its because huggies have stopped making nappies in the UK, so they are getting rid of the last of the stock

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Huggies are still going to be selling pull ups, its just the nappies they have stopped selling in the UK.

think u were just lucky op. these are £2.75 in my asda. they prob just have a lot of stock left over from baby event

Ohhhhhh no wonder why I couldn't find Huggies in asda for past few months!! Always used to get the 2 for £18, good thing my girls given up nappies

Girls size 4's £1.38 in Bromsgrove yesterday.
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