Huggies Prize Draw Giveaway

Huggies Prize Draw Giveaway

Found 9th Aug 2012
Huggies have a new competition where you can win lots of different freebies or money off vouchers on their website.

just sign up and match 4 symbols to open up the treasure chest

just did it myself and won a voucher for free pack of baby wipes. they send it in the post to you aswell

looking though the terms on the site sounds like you get to do it once per day to, for a chance to win again
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just won a £25 elc voucher .... happy days!
Thank you, £2.00 voucher this time.
£1 off Little Swimmers coupon

just won a £25 elc voucher .... happy days!

nice one! congrats
i had a pack of wipes, better than nothing, thanks
Got some wipes, cheers
Didn't win anything. :-(
Says to try again tomorrow. You must have been lucky.
Once you are signed up look in the rewards there is a £2 off voucher. I haven't won either I'll try again
Got the message 'chest still locked, please try again tomorrow'
Just won a pack of wipes :-)
I dont like Huggies but heat added.
won a £2 voucher for nappies
nothing for me!!!! boo
I got an e-mail about this promotion but forgot my password so gave up so thanks for reminding me - I just got my password reset & won ''a FREE Super dry carry pack coupon'' so that is great , thank you!

Will print my £2 off Huggies voucher when I get some ink in my printer too!!
I've been trying for three days and not won yet, but I'll keep trying! Nice little giveaway, have some heat
Anyone get theirs yet?
just got my vouchers today - not store specific & expiry date of Dec 2013 xx
Yeah I got mine today too!
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