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Posted 21 August 2023

Hugo Boss The Scent Absolute for Men EDP 100ml w/code

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BOSS The Scent Absolute eau de parfum for men 100ml.

In the sale then Add code perfum for extra 20% off, now £38.64
(I struggled to get the code to work at first but worked fine once logged in).
Free Delivery

Amazing price -

Next best price I could see is £52 Fragrance Direct sale
£59.95 Look Fantastic & Amazon
£87 The Perfume Shop/Boots, etc
£59.99 HoF delivered

Explore a new chapter of the story of seduction. The Hugo Boss BOSS The Scent Absolute Eau de Parfum presents an even more intense interpretation of a passion that reaches absolute sensuality. Experience a truly magnetic attraction.

  • oriental spicy fragrance that is perfect for seduction
  • richer and more intense successor of BOSS The Scent
  • introduced in 2019

Composition of the fragrance
This Eau de Parfum will draw your attention from the first notes provided by spicy ginger. Then the sweet maninka comes in, not only introducing the heart of the fragrance, but also starting your new obsession. The seductive composition is built on a smokey vetiver base.

Story of the fragrance
BOSS The Scent Absolute is a fragrance with almost aphrodisiac effects. It’s a darker, richer interpretation of the BOSS The Scent Eau de Toilette which expresses a sensual attraction that is now continued in its second chapter, the Absolute version.

The ingredients of this Eau de Parfum are so intense that it becomes the synonym of passion, power, and seductive sensuality. This time, the fragrance is promoted by the charismatic Jamie Dornan while the model Brigit Kos became the perfect face of the feminine version BOSS The Scent Absolute.

Notino More details at

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  1. Ozzig's avatar
    Just made the mistake of checking Trustpilot.

    (Okay, the mistake might have been not checking there in the first place.)
    A number of negative reviews claiming fake products, scraped off batch number stickers, opened products shipped and poor customer service

    I hope it's drop shipping direct from Hugo Boss because this appears to be Notino


    ThankyouSue's avatar
    Notino UK are rated out of 6,453 reviews 4 out of 5 “Great” on Trustpilot. I’ve used them before with no problems and there have been many deals posted on HUKD.

    if you’re encountering problems they have an email you could try or contact phone

    Customer Service: 02 03 769 2779
    Email: info@notino.co.uk
    Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8am - 4pm

    Hope you get it sorted
  2. goody's avatar
    Damn nice spot sue
  3. JimDiGriz's avatar
    That's a daft price and I haven't bought any sprays for at least...uh one month. Heat and ordered!
    Runjump's avatar
    Not bought in a month? Teach me your patient ways
  4. Manya1983's avatar
    Too chocolates for mg liking and longevity wasn’t all that great either for an edp. 1 million lucky versus this all day long.
    Jamminator's avatar
    Thanks for your subjective opinion. Mine is that I think One Million makes you smell like a right tart
  5. Harry69's avatar
    Very nice scent. More suited to cooler weather. Excellent price.
    JimDiGriz's avatar
    Give it a month or so and this will be fine!
  6. KennethMills's avatar
    Great price ordered thanks
  7. xxmarshmallowsxx's avatar
    Great price 👌
  8. dc7911's avatar
    Love this stuff
  9. adamnsu's avatar
    Great fragrance. Also the colour and bottle is great.
  10. tom6195's avatar
    Amazing price!
  11. AOT's avatar
  12. fmaher's avatar
    Ordered, thanks
  13. Jamminator's avatar
    Awesome, thanks a lot. Needed some more
  14. St2292's avatar
    It cost me £40 on the end, but the price is well worth every penny
    ThankyouSue's avatar
    Did you go for eco wrapping and insure your package, (you needed to untick those for the £38.64 price)
  15. bigup's avatar
    Heads up. This is more suited for evening winter/autumn weather. 

    Nice price 
  16. SportsMan81's avatar
    Thanks ordered 🏾
  17. alidawn's avatar
    Great spot, just ordered 👌
  18. NIgelK's avatar
    Picked it up slightly cheaper beginning of 2022, so with everything going up in price this is a bargain. Heat
  19. Ozzig's avatar
    Not used Notino before, so could be normal.
    I received the tracking info yesterday, but when I try it via the DPD app or website it's coming back with an error.
    Could just be so many HUKD orders slowing things down
    alidawn's avatar
    I’ve had exactly the same, dpd tracking number that says there’s an error 🤷‍♀️
  20. lubinek's avatar
    Thanks, ordered! I completely don't know how does it smells, but the price is great, so there was only one way forward
  21. Ozzig's avatar
    My earlier worries were for nothing.

    Arrived today via DPD.

    Strange packaging as it was in a big-ish box with a plastic hammock holding it tight against one side, which could account for some of the "arrived damaged" feedback on Trustpilot. Normally those types of things suspend the item in the centre.

    The batch number comes up as produced in January which I don't think means it's particularly old stock.

    Batch sticker on the box and the bottom of the bottle are present and match (something moaned about on Trustpilot)

    Not smelt it before, so can't vouch for quality, but to me, it smells nice.

    Thanks to

    *though still not sure about the registered business address
    ThankyouSue's avatar
    So glad you’re happy with your purchase now.  I had a quick look and Notino have physical shops across Europe, their registered uk office address is in london EC4V 4BE (but no store here).

    Hope you enjoy your new fragrance  
  22. Wesley_Coulter's avatar
    Ordered thank you
  23. Thorien's avatar
    Mine arrived today. Never smelt it before but really liking it ...especially at this price ! Bargain. Thanks OP.
  24. JimDiGriz's avatar
    Got mine. Definitely a nice spray, lasts a good 6-8 hours. Very useable...day or night. Not too strong. Glad I got it.
  25. Lakshitha's avatar
    The price is great but it’s a disgusting smell gives a headache
    JimDiGriz's avatar
    Its Issey for me. I quite like it but its headache guaranteed. Gave it away.
  26. VrlSyn_'s avatar
    Probably a stupid question, but is this the spray or the aftershave, I can't see it specified anywhere?
    ThankyouSue's avatar
    It’s a spray - eau de parfum
  27. Ouzoherb's avatar
    This one or the collectors edition at 46
's avatar