Hugo Deep Red 30ml for £12.24 at ASDA (in store)

Hugo Deep Red 30ml for £12.24 at ASDA (in store)

Found 24th Jan 2009Made hot 24th Jan 2009
Popped into my local ASDA and saw they have Hugo Deep Red 30ml perfume for just £12.24 - what a bargain...cheapest I can find it is £16.99.

It smells lovely and would make a great gift or treat for yourself!

P.S This is my first post so please let me know if I need to change anything - thanks!



for ladies is it

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Yes - for the girls...

Thats the impression you get when you put "Hugo Deep Red" in any search engine.

will try today. thanks

Ive had this perfume before and its a really nice one smell lasts for ages... bargain!

I'll have to go, its my favourite.

Voted hot, this is really lovely and a great price. xxx


I havent used hugo boos deep red for years!!! I will deffinately be getting this, this purfume is gorgeous!!! Thanks

Good price for a good scent. Nice one!!
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