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Hugo Boss SALE - Now Upto 60% OFF
Refreshed 10th JulRefreshed 10th Jul
Hugo Boss SALE - Now Upto 60% OFF
Some really good bargains there for both Men and Women

...there you go again ....spending a fortune and effort on the outside, cause it easier ...rather than the never learn!!! (excited)


just frequent your local charity shops and you'll get better brands (Boss isn't all that BTW) for a fraction of these prices - got an Alexander McQueen suit for paltry £5 last year. much more fun too...


I gifted my dad couple of polos bought from outlet in Bicester few years ago and they are still good. Very good quality and colours don’t come off quickly like polo Ralph Lauren’s ones do. Highly recommend them on sale. You’ll start wearing polo tops again. Perfect for summer or golf or as smart casual to work


lol brilliant :)


Word of caution!!!!! I bought 2 items in the last 30 mins and paid using my PayPal account within HB website checkout. I then received the standard Paypal emails regarding the transaction as well as another one saying "You've activated One Touch" Now, I did not activate anything ( one touch). I proceeded to login to my PayPal account but was immediately prompted to change my password as the account had suspicious activity. I've changed my password and reported this to Paypal. I am now waiting for their reply. As a result, I am now very suspicious of this HB website. Please be vigilant.

30% off BOSS Suits in store
LocalLocalFound 31st MayFound 31st May
30% off BOSS Suits in store
Appreciate not for everyone but if you're in the market for a slick overpriced suit then they have 30% off NON New collection Stock. Walked into St pauls store and 30% off a £500 s… Read more

So much hate in your life. Let people be happy and dont get upset if you cant afford a boss suit or the dont fit your body shape


They sent out private sale links via email, and some items in store were also on sale, but as it was already said fairly low key. Private sale ended today.


Boss sales are junk. Always the stuff nobody with any sort of style would buy. Enjoy your poorly fitted grey pin-stripe suit dude.


no ideal psosibly not long they werent exactly advertising the deal but where telling everyone who walked in the shop


Not bad do you know when the deal ends as am in need of a new suit

hugo boss private sale 30% off
Found 22nd May 2017Found 22nd May 2017
hugo boss private sale 30% off
Hugo Boss secret sale 30% off

Boss watches


(S)ecret (S)ale might have unfortunate conotations for Hugo Boss.


Is it private or secret? Neither I would imagine given you publicised it...

Casio Celviano AP-450 Digital Piano for £689 (delivered) @ rimmersmusic
Found 10th Dec 2014Found 10th Dec 2014
Casio Celviano AP-450 Digital Piano for £689 (delivered) @ rimmersmusic
Casio Celviano AP-450 Digital Piano Yes, the new x60 range is out, but there's not any fundamental changes - the action and sound engine is unchanged, just some additional options… Read more
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Cheers for the help OP, bought the piano from Rimmers Leyland ex display for £599


I just brought the same keyboard for £599 in FairDeal Music in Birmingham City Centre store sale. Vey happy with the cheaper deal. Best to call them first as it was a store only offer. See Your text here


No. I don't think you'd get anything like as good for £700. Casio are already producing very competitive models at their RRP. None of the other makes are producing triple sensor actions at these price points. What sort of other digital piano you think you could get at a sale price of around £700 that's got anywhere near the spec of the AP-450?


Possibly last years model's reduced or an ex display at a local music shop (obviously only if the OP lives near one with a good selection) No point going in with £300 but if you have £700 burning a hole in your pocket he may have more options dont you agree?


Won't make any difference. Nothing from any of the other makes, will get near the AP-450, for £689. Don't get me wrong - it's not all about pure spec - because if it was, nothing would truly get near either for the price (consider polyphony, action, number of sensors, or the other value-adds from the Celvianos). Even accounting for peoples' preferences and inherent subjectivity, the x50 series (both Privia and Celviano) has been warmly received - well from everyone who doesn't have a pre-existing bias against Casio.

Casio Privia PX-850 Digital Piano £689 @ rockingrooster (rimmersmusic)
Found 9th Oct 2014Found 9th Oct 2014
Casio Privia PX-850 Digital Piano £689 @ rockingrooster (rimmersmusic)
Casio Privia PX-850 Digital Piano The Casio Privia PX-850 is Casio`s closest model to real acoustic piano perfection yet. With all the natural sounds and resonances of an acousti… Read more
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Even better, another £10 off now... this game of will I / won't I is starting to get a bit tense!


Indeed - I'd buy one in a heartbeat, had I not already got an AP-245, and a PX-150 (bought a few months back when the bundles were being sold with the stand and pedal board). For the money, an absolute steal. Really good action (many people buy PX-150s to use as a midi controller and use a software piano), the PX-850 has all the improvements / additions to the sound engine that their entry level stuff doesn't have (string / sympathetic resonance, key-off simulator, and lid simulator). Decent power output, and since having my PX-150, I've come to appreciate digital pianos in these very modern / contemporary type stands.


Great deal. Very tempted.


This is a promo of Max Tempia playing the equivalent Celviano model (the AP-450) - which is the same as the PX-850, just packaged a little differently in a more traditional cabinet. Casio AiR promo

Casio Privia PX-150 digital piano bundle £499.00 @ rimmersmusic
Found 8th Jun 2014Found 8th Jun 2014
Casio Privia PX-150 digital piano bundle £499.00 @ rimmersmusic
Casio Privia PX-150 Digital piano bundle, with official stand, pedal board (3 pedals), height adjustable (Stagg) bench, 4 year guarantee. Details:- ******** Casio PX150 Digital P… Read more
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I'm not sure how much of an impact using headphone output, rather than line-out would affect sound quality. Ignoring the connections, for a second, the sound engine in the PX-150 and PX-350 is the same (albeit, the PX-350 has much, much more in terms of other sounds, plus there may be some other options to tweak it). So both set to Concert Grand Piano (using the preselect), with no other changes to the sound, and both outputting using the headphone output, the sound should be, to all intents and purposes, identical.


I plan to connect the Casio to a Roland Edirol audio interface, which has both digital and analago outputs that I could use to an amplifier. As a result the speaker (and sound) limitations on the PX150 compared to teh PX350 don't really make a difference to me, but the sound quality will. What I am not clear about is how the headphone jack outputs the sound. As opposed to the PX350, where there are 2 LINE In and 2 LINE Out, the PX150 only has a headphone jack. How would this affect the sound quality ? Thanks


Indeed - I bought one, recently, taking advantage of this bundle. And at the turn of the year bought an AP-245 when that deal was on. The AP-245 was an absolute bargain at the time, but in real terms is fundamentally the same piano as the PX-150, so the advantage then, was getting a full cabinet digital piano (plus whatever was doing the rounds in terms of a bundle). The PX-150 is excellent at it's price point, really, there's nothing else that's quite as good for the money.


Just to point out, that is no longer cheaper, it's now £499, so the deal - whether you choose to go to a real, bricks and mortar store, or online retailer, or get another music store to price match, is going to come down to convenience, preference, and the particular bundle add-ons that suit you.


This dp was so well reviewed I paid this same price about a year ago. It was without any of the expensive extras in this deal... Outstanding digital piano in this (and in almost any) price range compared to what was available until casio made the new x50 dp range. No way you can be disappointed with this one. Well spotted. Hot.

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free boss bottled night
Found 10th Oct 2012Found 10th Oct 2012
free boss bottled night
Free boss bottle night fragrance . Make sure you untick the boss night because are showed 2 tape of fragrance boss bottle and boss bottle night. If you let bouth ticked it will tel… Read more

Bottled night requested :)


Requested boss bottled night still available


"Boss Bottled Night" still available.




I just requested the 'Boss bottled night' and I got the confirmation message. The 'Boss bottled' samples have run out though.

Ocarina - £2.95 delivered @ Rimmers Education
Found 7th Aug 2012Found 7th Aug 2012
Ocarina - £2.95 delivered @ Rimmers Education
Found this completely at random and it seems to be a great price. Next cheapest I could find was £3.94 at Amazon.

Looks a bit like the one I got last year at MCM expo, I had to remember how many playable songs there were in Ocarina of Time to win it! ...It's 13 by the way :p


You would really need a ceramic one to get a decent sound out of it, this one is a bit like playing the recorder.


Sounds promising. I'll buy one later tonight.


Wow! It really works! I just came back to let you all know.:D


If you're lucky it'll be a truly magical device! :)

Free BOSS Orange Fragrance
Found 21st Jul 2012Found 21st Jul 2012
Free BOSS Orange Fragrance
Pick a scent that you can wear with passion - free beauty products - amazing! Hope you find one you love perfume sample
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it wont take my postcode?




Hope boots have 15ml instead of 3ml


Back on!


Aw shame. Maybe I will just pop into Boots and have a squirt instead. :)

Free Hugo Boss Perfume Samples (His or Hers)
Found 28th Mar 2012Found 28th Mar 2012
Free Hugo Boss Perfume Samples (His or Hers)
Simply choose your sample and fill in your details
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Oooohh free molecules!


These are rubbish!


Guys this is crap! They'll send you a piece of cardboard with the scent on it. Don't waste your time.


Wedding coming up....nice 1 hahaha (_;)

Free Perfume Sample - BOSS Orange (Woman, Man or Sunset)
Found 22nd Feb 2012Found 22nd Feb 2012
Free Perfume Sample - BOSS Orange (Woman, Man or Sunset)
Request your Free Sample Discover the fragrance of BOSS Orange. Complete this form and we'll send you the scent that you can wear with passion. Samples are available as long as t… Read more

Out of stock.


Just ordered Orange Woman no problems :) Thank you


Orange Sunset out of stock




We’re sorry, but due to huge demand we’re currently out of samples. If you want to try this fragrance, please visit your preferred perfume store.

Free Boss Orange (Female) / Boss Bottled & Boss Bottled Night (Male) Fragrance Perfume Sample + A Complimentary Boss Gift
Found 30th Jun 2011Found 30th Jun 2011
Free Boss Orange (Female) / Boss Bottled & Boss Bottled Night (Male) Fragrance Perfume Sample + A Complimentary Boss Gift
I received this email from Hugo Boss newsletter. Get ready to celebrate all the sensorial delights of summer with BOSS and World Duty Free. From the uplifting scents of BOSS Oran… Read more
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worth a try. thanks


i got a free laptob hugo boss bag!


still work? keen on free samples X)


thanks for this, went a week ago - at stansted airport they were giving out a tube of shower gel


gave them my address when this was posted. got nothing sent as of yet.

Free Boss Bottled Sample @ Boss Fragrances
Found 8th Jan 2011Found 8th Jan 2011
Free Boss Bottled Sample @ Boss Fragrances
Free sample - might just be a card for your knicker drawer - but hey - its free !
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What was this? Card or little sample bottle? Still looks open.


Thanks :)

Free BOSS Orange Sample
Found 5th Aug 2010Found 5th Aug 2010
Free BOSS Orange Sample
Samples are available as long as the stock lasts. We take great precautions to keep the information you share with us private. You must be aged 18 or over to request or send a free… Read more
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worked 4 me thnx(_;)


Worked for me. Cheers




Worked for me! Thanks

Free Sample of Boss Night & Boss Bottled Fragrances
Found 29th Jul 2010Found 29th Jul 2010
Free Sample of Boss Night & Boss Bottled Fragrances
Boss Night is the new fragrance for men from Hugo Boss. Visit the web site linked to and you can request a free sample of boss bottled and boss night sent direct to your door.
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Link works but they have ran out of samples !-(


postcard ;-(


Can't argue since it's free really. Thanks. :)




Everything worked for me and in the past when I requested some aftershave samples I got two tiny plastic bottles. Which was fantastic for work where glass is not allowed - so we all smell bed.

Free Hugo Boss Fragrances & Free Boss Gift
Found 21st Jun 2010Found 21st Jun 2010
Free Hugo Boss Fragrances & Free Boss Gift
Request your Free Sample This summer, style goes a long way. Try BOSS for yourself by requesting a free sample and you will also receive a voucher for a free BOSS fragrances gift i… Read more
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handy for undies drawer:thumbsup:


Just had one and wasn;'t impressed with the fragrance. Also: you're right it is only a "swiper"


ordered these loads of times never ever had one!


Cold Cold BOSS .....even if they were sending me by post Coz they allways send wet wipe patch type sample its not even worth for one occasion.


Its ok, you complete the details, and you then have to print a voucher which is only acceptable at these stores: World Duty Free, Alpha or Biza Stores.

Free Sample of BOSS Orange.Perfume
Found 10th Jun 2010Found 10th Jun 2010
Free Sample of BOSS Orange.Perfume
Free Sample of BOSS Orange.Perfume Request your Free Sample Discover the fragrance of BOSS Orange. Complete this form and we'll send you the scent that you can wear with passion… Read more

Why expired ... this works just ordered one! have some H&R


It works, just done it....


Neither working for me either...


It won't accept my postcode or any others that I randomly try!:w00t:


Thank you (heat added)

Razer Moray Plus Headphones £18.99 delivered @ ePlay
Found 8th Jun 2010Found 8th Jun 2010
Razer Moray Plus Headphones £18.99 delivered @ ePlay
The Razer Moray+TM mobile gaming communicator is designed for gamers who prefer to travel light and without bulky headsets. While retaining a sleek, lightweight architecture, the R… Read more
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cheapest i've ever seen these :) i'm seriously considering it myself

FREE Hugo Boss Fragrance SAMPLE
Found 20th Apr 2010Found 20th Apr 2010
FREE Hugo Boss Fragrance SAMPLE
Discover the fragrance of BOSS Orange. Complete this form and we'll send you the scent that you can wear with passion. Samples are available as long as the stock lasts. We take gr… Read more

+1 Request your Free Sample Order complete. Your sample id is ******


just worked for me.


that was fast oO


Due to exceptional demand BOSS ORANGE samples are not available at the moment

Forza motorsport 3 xbox360 £12
Found 15th Apr 2010Found 15th Apr 2010
Forza motorsport 3 xbox360 £12
cheapest i have seen

Just thought I'd let people know my copy arrived today. New, sealed, PAL, full game not bundle copy......basically, all above board!


I was at the gadget show live and bought this game from them for the price detailed. Not only is the game new and sealed the staff were kind and helpful. Well worth the money. They also had some other good deals, don't know whether they are still active though. Will add heat when i've learnt how to :oops:


Blockbuster are selling it second hand for a tenner from 1st May onwards. But, I didn't know about the extras with a new copy so thanks to that poster.


Nope, there a code as well for some extras!


I thought all the additional content was on the 2nd disc.