HUKD HotUKDeals Quiz Night - Wednesday 14th March 2007 20:00/8PM
HUKD HotUKDeals Quiz Night - Wednesday 14th March 2007 20:00/8PM

HUKD HotUKDeals Quiz Night - Wednesday 14th March 2007 20:00/8PM

The Second HotUKDeals Quiz Night (Hosted By Emasu) Will take place on Wednesday 14th March at around 20:00 The first night went extremely well, and birdy, i will be sending the prize this week!

There are to be 5 categories, these will be:

1)HUKD And The Forum
5)General Knowledge

If you would like to take part in the quiz, please PM me by wednesday night at 7:30PM with your email address. (or until all spaces have been filled)

If you would like to take part but have not already registered, you can still take part. Just register from the home page for free and PM me with your email address.

The questions will be posted in the Hot Deals forum. If you are on the front page then click on the "Go to Deal" button.

You can come and join us on the live chat aswell: duckmagicuk2.co.uk/cha…tml

Good Luck To Everyone Who Is Taking Part!!


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[CENTER]:w00t: :w00t: [SIZE=6][COLOR=red]Welcome To The First HUKD Quiz Night!!! [/COLOR][/SIZE]:w00t: :w00t: [/CENTER]


[CENTER]The game is due to commence at about 8pm Wednesday evening, so get your brains at the ready when the time comes![/CENTER]

[CENTER]If you PMed me to take part in the quiz, you should have received your invite by now. If you have not sent me your email address, but have contacted me asking to be in the quiz, please send it now!! As otherwise you will not be able to send me your answers t the end. (explained in rules) I do still however have spaces available - quite a lot actually! (There are to be more quizzes coming in the following weeks, so keep your eyes peeled)



[CENTER]Quick run down of the rules:[/CENTER]

[CENTER]1. Only one entry per person is allowed.
[CENTER]2. Only one PM is to be sent to me. You need to make sure you think that your answers are all correct. Sending two PM's will void your entry. (Sorry to be so harsh, but i don't want people sending 20 PM's saying "oohh, can i change this" etc...
2. The questions will be posted in each category section, with an interval of a minute or two between each one. After each category has finished, there will be a 5 minute break, to allow for cups of tea, baby changing etc.
3. When you think you have all the correct answers , you must then PM me with your e-mail address (Used previously when sending invites) to win, with the word QUIZ in the PM title. (Please do not PM for any other reason, othwerise my PM box will be full!)
4. Every player's answers will be checked against the actual answers, for verification.
5. The winner will receive a small prize, from me, kindly donated by me and my dad!
6. Depending on how many PM's i get, the winner will be the first person to get all the answers correct - or the closest number of correct answers.
7. The judges (mine!) decision is final - people might have the same amount of correct answers, but send them in at different times. In this case, the first PM I receive will be the winner.
8. Due to the amount of entries i have recieved, my PM box may become full at the end. Make sure you get those PM's in quick!!
9. That’s about it!!! (Not too difficult)[/CENTER]

[CENTER][SIZE=3]If you’ve any questions or comments, post them here. Feel free to chat in this thread during the game, it shouldn’t interfere, as my posts will be large and bold. Any suggestions at the end of the game on how to improve for the next time will be welcomed.[/SIZE][/CENTER]



[CENTER]NOTE: Please don’t hit refresh TOO often as it can cause problems on the ol’ server…and i don't want a backfiring from admin !![/CENTER]

[CENTER]Very Important Note: If you are just using the refresh button (F5) to reload the page - BEWARE - the thread may have moved onto the next page - go to the bottom of the screen and click next!


[CENTER][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue][SIZE=4]All That Remains To Say Is...[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]




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