HUKD is turning 3! Time for some fun, comps and give-aways!
HUKD is turning 3! Time for some fun, comps and give-aways!

    HUKD is turning 3! Time for some fun, comps and give-aways!

    It's time to party! HotUKDeals is now a big three years old and that means we're going to have some fun

    Over the next 5 days, we will be holding a few competitions, in celebration of our 3rd Birthday. We'll hold one comp every day, and we'll set it to be at a specific time so keep an eye on the forums for advance notice on that. The first comp will be starting today at 3pm (Saturday the 1st of September) and we'll post the guidelines up shortly before this time.

    We'll be giving away lots and lots of Amazon vouchers over the 5 days so anyone is in with a chance of winning! If you are reading this and are not yet a member of the forums, simply register and you can join in too.

    Please note all vouchers will be awarded to the winners AFTER the five days of competitions.

    The mods will update this thread each day with further details. (The comps will be created in the miscellaneous musings forum)

    Happy Birthday to us!


    Day 1 - First comp finished!

    Day 2 - 2nd comp completed!

    Day 3 - Comp now closed

    Day 4 - Competition finished!!

    Day 5 - Final Comp - will be at 4pm on Wednesday the 5th of September! LINK NOW ACTIVE


    YAY Happy Birthday!!

    happy birthday:-D

    Happy birthday, hope there's a present in it for me :lol:


    Oooohhhh - I like a party :prop:

    Many Happy Returns :-D

    Happy Birthday, Party sounds like fun!!!!


    [CENTER][SIZE=2][COLOR=purple]Cake anyone ? ... Happy Birthday HUKD's !![/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]


    Many happy returns. I wish I could remember when I was 3 :thinking:

    p.s. I think you should set up the 'Winges about the HDUK competition rules' thread in preparation :giggle:

    Happy birthday HUKD



    [CENTER][SIZE=2][COLOR=purple]Cake anyone ? ... Happy Birthday … [CENTER][SIZE=2][COLOR=purple]Cake anyone ? ... Happy Birthday HUKD's!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

    There is more than one HUKD...... :giggle:

    Yes please i'll have a slice of cake.


    Happy birthday, hope there's a present in it for me :lol:Johnnypanic

    Who goes to a party and expects to walk away from the birthday boys party with a present....... hold on a minute...... i'm hoping for the same. :giggle:

    Happy birthday Admin and well done for taking the forums so far and hope it continues.

    Happy birdie from me too!

    Happy Birthday


    Happy Birthday HUKD. :-D :-D

    Happy birthday to you and one of the best websites ever

    Happy Birthday to the site I visit first every day on the web.

    Keep on going HKUD

    Happy Birthday UKHD! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


    Have a very happy 3rd birthday! :thumbsup:

    All the best!:)

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=6][COLOR=red]H[COLOR=royalblue]A[/COLOR][COLOR=yellow]P[/COLOR][COLOR=purple]P[/COLOR][COLOR=seagreen]Y[/COLOR] [COLOR=royalblue]B[/COLOR]I[COLOR=yellow]R[/COLOR][COLOR=purple]T[/COLOR]H[COLOR=seagreen]D[/COLOR][COLOR=purple]A[/COLOR][COLOR=magenta]Y[/COLOR][COLOR=seagreen]![/COLOR]:friends: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    Yay! Happy Birthday :prop:

    One of the most useful sites on the net... :thumbsup:

    Happy Birthday!

    :-D :-D


    Happy Birthday

    happh 3rd birthday:-D :-D :-D

    Happy Birthday

    From Me And My Wallet Lol

    Happpy Bday

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!

    good!!! happy 3rd birthday!!!

    Hurray, thanks for all the fabulous bargains!

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday :santa: :friends:

    Happy Bday!:thumbsup:

    I shall use it as my weekly excuse to go to the pub tonight - cheers!

    Many happy returns, here's to many more years of buying cheap things that I really want but don't need....

    must say that this is an excellent website and has given me many bargains

    Happy birthday! Look forward to many more bargain saving years to come.

    woot woot, i love a good party

    Happy Birthday HUKD, I'm more of a browser not a poster here lol.

    to all the members who have worked hard to make this site what it is congratulations, well done and thanks for the deals :thumbsup:
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