Hula Hoops Multigrain Crisps - Tesco - 57p and BOGOF
Hula Hoops Multigrain Crisps - Tesco - 57p and BOGOF

Hula Hoops Multigrain Crisps - Tesco - 57p and BOGOF

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These are on buy one get one free (BOGOF) at the moment at £1.14 per pack. However, the multigrain variety containing 2 Barbecue Beef, 2 Cheese and Onion and 2 Roast Chicken are also half price at 57p are also included in the offer. This was in Surrey Quays Tesco (London) but I am sure it is nationwide.

First time user. Have not found an image of the pack online yet.

Not a huge saving but every little helps and all that.



Here's an image for you, personally I don't like these multigrain one's, but a good deal for those that do.

Welcome to HUKD Mike781 Can you add the price and the retailer to the title please, as we try to include those

Sorry to say but these are disgusting!

Excellent. I love these!


Sorry to say but these are disgusting!

And the normal ones aren't?


And the normal ones aren't?

I like the normal one's but these Multi Grain one's are just nasty IMO


eat a bag of these and you'll all be voting cold

great price but they are rank lol

No wonder they're on special offer. They are absolutely disgusting!

It can't be easy to make a fried potato taste bad.... but these are the pits!
Who ever taste tested them back at Hula Hoops HQ needs to be fired!

now, i absolutely love hula hoops, but honestly, these are really so bland its ruined them. Not surprising they are on offer...i wouldnt even buy them at this price.

Still, its a very good offer, in the spirit this site is intended i am voting HOT

Eat at your peril


What about those baked Walkers crisps! You may as well eat the stick from an iced lolly.

they're like flavoured pieces of cork, they are the definition of evil.

the bear

My kids hate these but I really don't taste the difference??????lol Voted hot, cheers OP..the crisps might last longer in our house now!

Rank crisps. Yes they are slightly better for you, but they seem to have halved the flavour in the process. You just feel like you are chewing cardboard. I tried to give them away to some drunken friends after getting them on a BOGOF a couple of months ago. End result was a bin full of barely touched open bags of them but at least that got rid.

Voted cold as no one I know likes them so they are a complete waste of anyones cash.
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