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Hulker 4 way Universal Extension Lead with 4 USB Ports - £9.99 with voucher Sold by BEKHOM GLOBAL and Fulfilled by Amazon

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I was looking for a universal extension lead and found this, seems excellent value for money.

The shape is a little odd, and I'll never plug 4 usb items into it but no harm having them there

Amazon More details at Amazon
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    An insight to what you value your life with, check the earths out

    24 mins????
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    I have the white version and it's not very good. None of the plugs I tried (UK / AU / EU) sit flush in the sockets, they get pushed out by 1 or 2mm. I should really send it back, but it's OK to use as a universal extender when "supervised" for charging toothbrushes and the like.

    I very much doubt this would get through proper, independent certification. Avoid.
    I have this exact one, in white and it's been fine since I bought it 2+ years ago. No issues with UK plugs, they fit perfectly and the live and neutral are shuttered until an earth pin is inserted (maybe that's why you've had issues with non UK plugs) the USBs are low powered so I don't use them often but again I've had no issues even after it had tea spilt all over it. It's CE certified.
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    so many red flags with this
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    Amazon really shouldn't allow stuff like this in the UK
    Mine blew up when I plugged something in
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    Mine blew up when I plugged something in I too posted it on here but withdrew it straight away Amazon assured me they would pull this product this was about a year ago (edited)
    No it didn't.
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    If anyone has any interest in electrical safety for your home and family then educate yourself by reading up on why these 'universal sockets' are a terrible, potentially unsafe design.

    However, many don't want to be lectured so it's absolutely your choice.
    This article is worth a quick look too, there are some photos illustrating some of the safety issues with universal sockets such as exposed contacts and them permitting the mis-insertion of plugs using live and earth, instead of neutral.

    Keep these awful things well away from children.



    48989377-4fnxi.jpg (edited)
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    I would think this is a "bargain price" for a reason and not a good one. I inherently distrust multi-plug sockets and, having taken a few apart, the origami involved with the pin receptacles is scary!!

    A decade or so ago, there was some discussion on the validity of the CE mark and whether Chinese manufacturers should be allowed to use it. Apparently, the Chinese Trade Ministry said that even if they were banned from using it for certification, it would still be valid to use it as, in reality, it stood for Chinese Export. Whether that is true or not, I still look at the engineering for things like this.
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    That's what I was thinking, too
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    Need to see what Clive says about these incase they are towering inferno jobs !
    Took the words out of my mouth. Too many people are oblivious to the amount of dodgy electrical equipment on the market.
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    I'm sure I read that it's best to avoid extension leads with those funny-shaped sockets like the plague.
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    Can we just delete this deal, this product is so awful that no-one should use it.
    No it's not, I have one, you don't, it's perfectly fine.
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    "If your charging devices current more than 3.4a in total the power strip will become heat and might not work."

    Yeah looks like a good deal 🤪 !!! I'm sure the fire service will approve no end..
    OMG, you're not kidding- it's in their own description!

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    I looked into weird name extension leads with USB recently and most of the amazon reviews say the USB ports die rather quickly - so stuck to a known name without USB and used a spare phone charger
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    Shouldn't this be green ?
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    House fire.
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    I have one of these - the usb ports stopped working after a few weeks. It is so handy though if you have items from aliexpress etc with non uk plugs. Make sure your smoke alarms are working though....