HULSIG rug at IKEA only £9!

HULSIG rug at IKEA only £9!

Found 8th Oct 2014
IKEA rug only £9 I had to buy 2 180x120cm so quite a big rug. Instore and online.


Awesome price! Thanks for sharing.

we have this in our little boys room and its great, nice size, non slip backing and easy to clean

I also have two of these and they are great ... :-)

Thank you. I don't need it now, but may still end up buying it

£9 delivery, Meh.

I like a nice rug. Proper bargain price, well spotted.

That is one ugly rug!


£9 delivery, Meh.

Saw this too. Unless they are delivering this in a gold plated box how did they come up with £9?

been this price for a while in fact I bought it when it was still advertised as new and it was this price. Come to think of it I think this may be the standard price for it so technically not a deal as it is even in the Ikea Catalogue at this price.

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May well be the standard price but still a bargain find. And ikea do charge the world for delivery charged me £30 for a wardrobe once! But some good bargains in the store.

Anyone who has one of these already, do you think that a number of these could be placed together to make a bigger rug like with carpet tiles? Or would it be immediately obvious?

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It has an edging all the way round so probably look to obvious
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