Humax Foxsat HDR 1TB Freesat HD Digital TV Recorder £199 @ Amazon - Be Quick, Cheapest Ever!

Humax Foxsat HDR 1TB Freesat HD Digital TV Recorder £199 @ Amazon - Be Quick, Cheapest Ever!

Found 18th Dec 2013
Almost the best that money can buy and usually £300! for 1TB Model
FOXSAT-HDR/1TB is an award winning freesat+ Digital Television Recorder

1 TB Model - £199…CT8

500Gb Model - £179…2LM

Product Description
Record up to 620 hours of Free Satellite television. The Humax Foxsat HDR. Built-in Freesat allows you to make the most of the vast array of Totally FREE digital channels (Over 150 and more coming online all the time). Twin tuner Freesat+, enables you to record 2 channels at once or watch one while another is recording. High Definition channels BBC HD, BBC1 HD, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD. Sport on Freesat includes Football, Rugby + more. The Foxsat HDR has fast and easy setup by simply connecting to an existing satellite dish. e.g, You move to a new home that has a Sky dish on the wall, just connect the Foxsat to the cables that come from the dish then switch on. Setup Wizard will guide you. You will be watching Freesat within minutes. Already a Sky TV or Sky HD customer and fed up with the fees? Simply cancel your Sky service and replace the sky box with the Foxsat HD. Please note that if anyone tells you that a Sky dish is not suitable for freesat, they are Incorrect. Freesat and Sky channels are broadcast from the same satellites. The Foxsat HD-R can be linked to your Broadband using an Ethernet cable. Once connected, you have access to all of the on demand services offered. BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and more. Sit back and enjoy programs recorded while your out. Series link your regular favorites. Series links let you set your Foxsat to record all episodes of a program. Get the best in HD, Set a program to record and the box tells you if that show is available in HD. External USB connection allows you to upload photos to your 1 terrabyte hard disk drive. The Humax HD Personal Video Recorder (PVR) has it all and is by far the best selling Freesat HDR available today. You will not be disappointed!

I'd like to start with thanking other reviewers notes which went a long way to helping make the decision to ditch SKY and go for a Humax box.



Unplug your Sky box, connect the Humax, switch on and follow the automated menu's - job done! Initially we found the remote nowhere near as intuitive as the Sky controller, and the manual not having an index was a tad irritating, however there are so many forums on the Humax PVR box, that mastering features like the recurring recordings, recorded programmes menu etc is easy.... when you know how and where to find it, 1 week on and no problems. There isn't an RF output to feed a second TV, but this is easily resolved by the addition of a Universal Modulator, a what? I hear people say! It plugs into either of the scart sockets on the back of the PVR, and presto normal TV antenna connections are ready. You can also programme the remote for other audio visual devices such as BluRay players, tv etc.

Quiet simply, brilliant and I concur with other reviews, the HD is better and it doesn't cost an extra £10 a month for the privilege. Watching the Rugby world cup with the overhead camera focused on a scrum today, you could actually see the grass tufts and strands being kicked up by the players boots.

If you like films, you might find it a bit frustrating at the lack of choice at a given point in time, but plan ahead and record as much as you can find and you will soon have a library at your finger tips, and it's not an issue with 1TB of storage. There are also so many other ways of watching films now with streaming, postal rental services etc you will soon make huge savings from not paying a monthly charge for each package. Sports fans, you will have a problem watching a huge variety of live events, but the built in players such as BBC's iPlayer and itvPlayer. When you plug the unit into your router you have a huge choice of 'on demand' media. It requires a wired connection to use the iplayer etc, and if your installation is not close to your modem/router, you might want to consider using a pair of adapters which plug into your mains and uses your house ring main as the network cable. Works great, much faster than wireless, and you get a chance on iPlayer to use higher quality, which is excellent and doesn't have the stop start buffering problems you might get on wireless at times.

Go for it, you know it makes sense!
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Only £28 more for the new model
I've got the 500Gb version and the remote control is a rea pain, so unresponsive and suffers badly from delay. Not sure whether the problem has been resolved with the newer model, but if Thomablue (above) is right and the newer model is only £28 more I would think seriously about making the additional investment.

Only £28 more for the new model

does new mean better?
This is so NOT a good deal. Buy the newer model as it has more features such as Freetime.

does new mean better?

Has more features
New model much better
I upgraded from this to the 1000s (newest version). Liked the previous one more than the new one, software on the new one isn't quite right yet (had two replacements, same issues). Once sorted the new one will be great, in the mean time I'd give it a miss.
I agree with lord_trumpington above and would suggest that Humax remote controls are a problem in general. I have 2 X 320GB Foxsat models and both remotes are troublesome in the same way he describes, plus the highlighter often moves twice when you have only pressed it once. No points to Humax for that. Also it takes a while for the guide to work properly before you can easily scroll through the channels - you have to wait until it loads up completely.
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