Humax FVP-4000T 500gb - Refurb £139.99 + £7 P&P (£145.99) @ Humax

Humax FVP-4000T 500gb - Refurb £139.99 + £7 P&P (£145.99) @ Humax

Found 24th Nov 2016
These are usually £159.99, today they are £139.99 + £7 P&P or they have the FVP-4000T 500gb + H3 expresso for £199.01 delivered.
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A bit cheaper than RRP but IMO these are pricey for only 500GB storage and the names just make it sound like they are trying to ape an overpriced coffee at starbucks

Seriously, Humax do make fine PVRs but if you shop around and are fine with used (which basically includes refurb anyway) far better deals can be had. I recently got a Humax HDR-1000S 2TB (Freesat PVR) on eBay for just over £100. Yes the 1000S is an old model but who cares, it still records TV just as well, you don't really need the latest model with PVRs and can save a lot by getting last years (or couple of years) model.....
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Do you have to have high speed broadband for this ?

Do you have to have high speed broadband for this ?

Not for the core PVR functionality but would be recommended for the catch up TV functionality like iPlayer, ITV hub etc, would probably work on slower connections, just not in HD for the catch up TV....
You can buy these new for £149.99. Richer Sounds will beat that price by £5. So £145 all in brand new. Why buy one refurbished?? Some of the sites online give 2 year warranty.

I just bought the 1tb model from them today. They price matched at £179.99 and then knocked £5 off. Very little haggling required. Try looking at Great comparison site. Queues can be busy pending on the size of the store.
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