Humax PVR-9150T £81 in store Asda

Humax PVR-9150T £81 in store Asda

Found 19th May 2011
Saw a few of these in store today at £81:25
Thiunk they are refurbs but looked a fair price
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Got this from humax and after software update is a great reliable pvr !
Mine cost £105 so this is good value except my asda never seems to have half the stuff posted here !
Out of stock online (ASDA Direct) so presumably they're clearing out stock of these. Not many around, I'd imagine.
This occasionally appears on Tesco web site for £79.97 and has been sold for as low ass £59.97.

The 9300T, grade A refurb with 320GB hard drive and HDMI port (720p only I think) is £99.97 in store @ Tesco. If the shelf says £119.97 have it scanned. The 9150T has 160GB drive.
available via Tesco Outlet on ebay for £79.97
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