Humax RVR- 915 OT 160gig £69.99 @ Argos

Humax RVR- 915 OT 160gig £69.99 @ Argos

Found 4th Feb 2010
This does not seem to be online and was in store at Edmonton. Ravenside Retail Park. N18 3HA by the tills. Phone first on 0845 656 4169.

Photo to follow


160GB hard disc drive.

Number of hours recording time 100 hours.

Twin tuner.

Pause Live TV.

Record 1/watch another.

Can record 2 channels at the same time.

Series record.

Digitally interactive.

Digital text.

RF loop.

Digital video broadcasting (DVB) subtitles available.

Auto set-up.

Now and next electronic programme guide.

8 days electronic programme guide.

Maximum recording time 100 hours.

2 SCART sockets.

SCART lead.

Freeview playback approved, group 2.

Remote control requires AAA batteries (included).

Size (H)5.5, (W)36, (D)25.5cm.

Weight 2.5kg.


Do you mean the PVR-9150T ?
If so then great deal, usually £125-£140 : maybe a manager's special for that store ???
I have one (at £100 from Argos Xmas 2008 special) and no regrets whatsoever!

PS: When I looked online that store had only 2 available to reserve so one would need to be fast (I havent' rechecked if gone already).

Do you mean PVR-9150T? If so this is hot but I would say probably a pricing error due to the RRP being around £120 and as far as I know it is a current model.

Edit: dammit I got beat!!!

Not sure why its expired but it could be the incorrect title it is a PVR-9150T what you have posted doesn't make sense.

If it gets unexpired and confirmed it hot from me.


how did you do that ?

Just stuck the photo on ImageShack which doesn't require registration and resized to 640x480 then used the message board url, hope you don't mind? you can take the flicker one down if you want to.

Ah I think we have the explanation for the pricing now - it isn't for a NEW/BOXED item but for an open-boxed/used item on a rack with other similar open-boxed/used items :whistling:

Still a good price IF it isn't open-boxed because someone rejected it for some valid reason that the store didn't spot/believe - but presumably unique to that item that store.

BTW There is a firmware update for this model being broadcast tomorrow morning!!! so if it was a bug in the software, hopefully it gets solved very quickly!


i got one for £127 at tesco months ago best thing i ever bought easy to use and amazing picture!!

FYI: The .18 Update IS being broadcoast today but if you have an existing recording schedule with programmes to record over the next 10 days then WRITE THEM DOWN ON PAPER before you do the update as mine got wiped - argh!
see my warning at…139

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