Humble Book Bundle: Mobile App Development ebooks and videos

Humble Book Bundle: Mobile App Development ebooks and videos

Found 30th Jan 2018
A new Humble Bundle with Packt e-books and videos on mobile app development.

Tier 1: from £0.71
Android Application Development Cookbook
iOS 10 Programming for Beginners
Learning Ionic
Creating Cross Platform Games with Xamarin
Three Months of Mapt Pro for $30 Coupon

Tier 2: from £5.68
Android Programming for Beginners
Mastering Android Studio 3
Swift 4 Protocol-Oriented Programming
Xamarin 4.x Cross-Platform Application Development
Mastering React Native
Ionic 2 Solutions
Kotlin Fundamentals
React Native Projects

Tier 3: from £10.66
React Native Cookbook
Android Development with Kotlin
Mastering Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin
Mastering iOS 11 Programming
Mastering Swift 4
React and React Native
Swift 4 Programming Cookbook
Developing iOS 11 Applications Using Swift 4
iOS 11 Programming with SWIFT
Mastering Kotlin for Android Development
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Are pakt books any good?
captainjon48 m ago

Are pakt books any good?

Packt books on general are low quality.They tend to go for quantity over quality.

You'll find that when they have their $5 sales the internet tends to react with "Is there anything worth $5?"
captainjon3 h, 54 m ago

Are pakt books any good?

The quality varies, they are probably not worth the quoted retail prices (£40) or the typical sales prices of £25-£30. They are not like classic textbooks, the best of which provide deep insight. Most of the Packt books consist of bundled comprehensive tutorials with some background information. The ones I have read were useful to help get started, but less so as an extensive reference. I bought the Python bundle last month and feel it's good value.
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