Humble Bundle Transformers and G. I. Joe Comics, $1 - $25

Humble Bundle Transformers and G. I. Joe Comics, $1 - $25

Found 17th Aug 2017
5 fixed tiers to choose from, DRM-free comics available to download in a variety of formats (cbz, pdf, epub).

A couple of things to watch out for:
With some of the previous bundles, I found a couple of comics had incorrect pages - I don't know how common a problem this is though, and whether it's specific to certain formats (I was using cbz's).
For this bundle, if you select to download via torrents, a few of the comics disappear from the list - the missing ones you'd have to direct-download. Again I don't know if this is a common problem, I hadn't used the torrents option before, but as there's a few GBs of comics involved it seemed the sensible way to go!
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Cheers! I've got some of the IDW volumes in hardback but will be nice to have digital copies. Great bundle.
Heat! Was at TFNation last weekend and had a amazing time meeting up with the voice actors, writers and the rest
I love humble bundles. I love transformers comics. I love life !
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