Humble Bundle Valiant Comics PWYW

Humble Bundle Valiant Comics PWYW

Found 8th Feb
Checked via Paypal - currently £0.83 gets you the $1 tier. Digital editions supplied in varying formats (see site for details and compatibility with your device of choice).

Death-Defying Dr. Mirage Vol 1
Wrath of the Eternal Warrior Vol 1
Ivar, Timewalker Vol 1
Valiant Zeroes & Origins Vol 1
Comicstorian Exclusive Valiant Video: X-O Manowar
X-O Manowar Vol 4
Comicstorian Exclusive Valiant Video: Harbinger
Harbinger Vol 4

Divinity Deluxe Edition
Bloodshot Reborn Vol 1
Ninjak Vol 1
Imperium Vol 1
Archer & Armstrong Vol 4
Faith #3: Keep-A-Breast #checkyourselfie Variant
Valiant Universe: The Role Playing Game
Rai Vol 2
More in 6 days 23 hours

Faith Vol 1
The Valiant Deluxe Edition
Armor Hunters Deluxe
Valiant Universe: The Role Playing Game Supplement
Comicstorian Exclusive Valiant Video: Unity

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There was a bundle back in September 2014 which included the following, so I think the latest one is a good complement to it as it provides additional volumes of some of the earlier ones, as well as some new ones (with very little over lap):

Archer & Armstrong, Vol. 1:The Michelangelo Code
Archer & Armstrong, Vol. 2:Wrath of the Eternal Emperor
Archer & Armstrong, Vol. 3:Far Faraway (plus extra content)
Bloodshot, Vol.1: World On Fire
Bloodshot, Vol. 2: The Rise & The Fall
Bloodshot, Vol. 3:Harbinger Wars (plus extra content)
Eternal Warrior, Vol. 1: Sword of the Wild
Eternal Warrior, Vol. 2: Eternal Emperor
Harbinger Wars, Vol. 1
Harbinger, Vol. 1: Omega Rising
Harbinger, Vol. 2: Renegades
Harbinger, Vol. 3:Harbinger Wars (plus extra content)
Quantum & Woody, Vol. 1:The World's Worst Superhero Team
Quantum & Woody, Vol. 2: In Security
Quantum & Woody, Vol. 3:Crooked Pasts, Present Tense
Rai #1
Rai #2
Rai #3
Rai #4
Shadowman, Vol. 1: Birth Rites
Shadowman, Vol. 2: Darque Reckoning
Shadowman, Vol. 3: Deadside Blues
Unity, Vol. 1: To Kill A King
Unity, Vol. 2: Trapped By Webnet
Valiant Masters Bloodshot: Blood of the Machine
Valiant Masters H.A.R.D. Corps:Search & Destroy
Valiant Masters Ninjak: Black Water
Valiant Masters Rai: From Honor To Strength
Valiant Masters Shadowman: Spirits Within
Valiant Masters X-O Manowar (Debut!)
X-O Manowar, Vol. 1: By The Sword
X-O Manowar, Vol. 2: Enter Ninjak
X-O Manowar, Vol. 3:Planet Death (plus extra content)
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