Humble Mo-BOO-ile bundle 1p

Humble Mo-BOO-ile bundle 1p

Found 22nd Oct 2014
Boo! There it is! Fear no more the dreaded prospect of not having games to play this Halloween. With this bundle, you pay what you want for the post-apocalyptic turn-based strategy game Rebuild, touch platformer Oscura: Second Shadow and undead puzzler Containment: The Zombie Puzzler. If you pay more than the average price, you'll also get the critically-acclaimed action game Five Nights at Freddy’s, birds-eye real-time strategy with The Walking Dead: Assault and zombie shooter Dead Effect Premium.

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Pay what you want. Normally, these games would cost you up to $25, but we're letting you name your price.
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Thanks, decided to beat the average to find out what this Five Nights at Freddy’s is all about.

Heat added.
Cheers, heard good stuff about Five Nights
Moved to gaming. Might see some more action over there
1st decent mobile bundle. Might actually buy it.
What's the best the average at? I can't access the site on my mobile atm
Walking dead looks pretty well realised thought it would be a cheap cash in
I'd forgotten about containment, looks like a fun spin on the usual bejeweled clones.
Rebuild is a fun little strategy game

Rebuild is a fun little strategy game

This game is awesome I spent hours playing it, I definitely recommend it
BTA is $3 at the moment.
Just under £2 for the lot + any extras can't go wrong.
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