Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder Worldscape Ultimate Crossover by Paizo & Dynamite  from 76p @ Humble Bundle

Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder Worldscape Ultimate Crossover by Paizo & Dynamite from 76p @ Humble Bundle

Found 11th Oct 2017Edited by:"EQL"
A 5-tier bundle of Roleplaying game books, adventures and comics (from 76p to £34.11). Comics at all tiers. Tier 1 (76p) might start you off playing the game and a good number of comics; Tier 2 (£6.06) offers a setting and an adventure; Tier 3 (£11.37) offers 2 further adventures and 3 settings. Tier 4 (£18.95) for a year of adventures (26 adventures) and a setting; Tier 5 (£34.11 + $12 shipping) offers physical documents and figurines.

Pay $1 (about £0.76) or more!

Core Rulebook
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Digital Beginner Box
Player Character Folio
The Cost Of Enlightenment (scenario and adventures)
Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guide
Pathfinder: Worldscape Issues #1 - 3 (comic)
Pathfinder Worldscape Bonus Maps #1 - 3 (3 Maps)
Army of Darkness/Reanimator One-Shot (comic)
Pathfinder Volume 1 (comic, 12 Issues)
Pathfinder Volume 1 Bonus Maps (Additional Content 6 Maps)
Vampirella (2011) Issues #1 - 11 (comic)

Pay $8 (about £6.06) or more to also unlock!
Strategy Guide
Crypt Of The Everflame (adventure)
Goblins Of Golarion (player companion)
GameMastery Guide
Magnimar, City of Monuments (setting)
Dejah Thoris and the White Apes of Mars (comic, Issues #1 - #4)
Reanimator (comic, Issues #1 - #4)
Pathfinder: Worldscape (comic, Issues #4 - #6)
Pathfinder Worldscape Bonus Maps #4 - 6 (3 maps)
Vampirella vs Dracula Issues #1 - #6 (comic)
Pathfinder: Goblins! Issues #1 - 5 (comic)

Pay $15 (about £11.37) or more to also unlock!
Heart Of The Jungle (setting)
Masks Of The Living God (adventure)
City Of Golden Death (adventure)
Blood Of The Night (player companion)
Rule Of Fear (setting)
Blood of the Moon (player companion)
Classic Horrors Revisited (setting)
Undead Revisited (setting)
Runescars Issues #1 - #3 (comic)
Runescars Bonus Maps (3 Maps)
Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars (comic, Issues #1- 12)
Pathfinder Worldscape: Red Sonja (comic)
Pathfinder Worldscape: Warlord Of Mars (comic)
Pathfinder Worldscape: Lord Of The Jungle (comic)
Pathfinder Worldscape: King Of Goblins (comic)
Pathfinder Worldscape Digital One-Shots Bonus Maps (4 Maps)
Prophecy Issues #1 - #7 (comic)
The Blood Queen Issues #1 - #6 (comic)

Pay $25 (about £18.95) or more to also unlock! (many adventures at this level)
Year of the Risen Rune 26-Adventure Super-Pack (26 adventures)
Classic Treasures Revisited (setting)
Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain Issues #1 - 6 (comic)
Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain Bonus Maps (6 Maps)
Vampirella Archives Volume 1
Complete Swords of Sorrow Series! (comic, 21 Issues)

Pay $45 (about £34.11)* or more to also unlock! (this is the physical tier, $12 international shipping estimate)
Red Sonja Unpainted Gaming Figure
John Carter of Mars Unpainted Gaming Figure
Tarzan Unpainted Gaming Figure
Tars Tarkas Unpainted Gaming Figure
Starfinder Masterclass Kickstarter Crossover Unpainted Preview Figure
Pathfinder Worldscape: Swords of Sorrow (Print Edition) with Additional Content
Pathfinder Worldscape: Dejah Thoris (Print Edition) with Additional Content
Pathfinder Worldscape: Reanimator (Print Edition) with Additional Content
Pathfinder Worldscape: Vampirella (Print Edition) with Additional Content

A Paizo key for the RPG books, and the comics are downloadable from Humble Humble have had two similar previous bundles (1 and 2).

Several videos in support of this here:…all
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Firstly it's important to note that this is a mix of 'comics' and RPG (that you'd play in groups). I know the title says this but many people look at a bundle like this and often think it's either all D&D or all comics. All tiers have a healthy mix of the two, although it's getting 'expensive' to pay over £19 (by Humble standards) if you've got no interest in one type.

After buying the $1 tier (75p via Paypal), I had some trouble finding all of the content. Perhaps I'd missed some instructions?

However, 5 of the items are not instantly downloadable and you have to create a Paizo account to get them. There's no issue in this (and it's really straight-forward) but Humble don't make it obvious (to me). Essentially you redeem a key (as you would in Steam) and then download them as zip files.

Paizo did a bundle back in March 2016 (which I bought and four of the items are duplicates). Not a great problem but if you're looking for them, I hope this helps.

I've read a couple of the Pathfinder Worldscape issues and they're quite good. For a dollar, you really can't go wrong if you have the slightest interest!
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