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Crazy Taxi (Steam Pc) 83p @ HumbleBundle
Found 8 h, 22 m agoFound 8 h, 22 m ago
Nice price for a decent game. Description Hey hey, come on over and have some fun with Crrrrrazy Taxi! Barrel through traffic packed streets, hurdle off parking garages, and Cra… Read more
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Remember playing this on the Dreamcast....loved it.


And should be left as such! Actually downloaded it recently on my android phone. Good for a quick play on the throne (lol) Recently rebuilt a new PC so I’m unlikely to go for this personally. It’d not show off the results of my blood, sweat and tears 😜



Humble Book Bundle - Dynamite Comics - 78p +
30/01/2019Expires on 30/01/2019Found 10 h, 12 m agoFound 10 h, 12 m ago
The Humble Comics Bundle: Fan Faves & New Hits by Dynamite Over 9600 pages for more than 98% off. It’s our biggest Dynamite bundle yet! Pick up Undisputed Street Fighter, Vampi… Read more
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[Steam/Gog] EVERSPACE - £5.79 - Humble Store
24/01/2019 at 17:59Expires on 24/01/2019 at 17:59Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Back to it's lowest price recorded. The discount is available for 8 days and is part of the Humble Winter Sale. EVERSPACE is back to it's £22.99 price on Steam and other selle… Read more
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Tempted to try in VR but the term roguelike and the controls have put me off.


Bought this in the steam sale. Was 3 quid on gog too at the time. Its okay for an hour. Just the same thing over and over.


It`s really good, a solid 3d-arcadey-space shooter-rogue-like. I think I got it around this price last sale on HB and for both Steam/GOG keys it`s a good price. I bought the Encounters dlc on GOG and it definitely adds flavour with storyline and quests that I think would be glaringly missing without getting it. It should really just be Ultimate version only although the gameplay is pretty solid. If you can hold on I`d advise waiting for an Ultimate sale, PC games only ever seem to lower in price and end up in bundles and this seems like a prime candidate at this point. If you can`t wait expect to buy Encounters too.


tempting, shame they aren't doing the ultimate edition.


is good?

New humble double fine bundle £1 @
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
$65 WORTH OF AWESOME STUFF Get games collectively valued at up to $65. PAY WHAT YOU WANT REDEEM ON STEAM SUPPORT CHARITY The Humble Double Fine Presents Bundle More awesome game… Read more
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wow.....has Indiegala hijacked humbles servers or something.


Lost interest in humble bunghole when they started making it a requirement to sign up to their spamletter to get any free games.


BEGONE, THOTH! But really, the first tier doesnt look so bad, just know that in Mountain im pretty sure you just watch a mountain grow.


Tier 1 is pay what you want, so you don't even have to pay 78p (though 78p buys you Steam keys and Soundtracks). 140 is in the Humble Trove for Humble Monthly subscribers. Tier 1 (Pay What You Want, DRM-free) Reviews: 140 Metacritic: 80% (6 critics, 7.4 from 67 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 95% (1425 reviews) Mountain Steam: Very Positive 88% (9926 reviews), Metacritic: (1 critics, 5.2 from 21 users) THOTH Steam: Very Positive 86% (90 reviews), Metacritic: (3 critics, 6.3 from 4 users) Tier 2 (BTA): GNOG Reviews of an earlier/alternative version: Metacritic: 77% (29 critics, 6.9 from 26 users), Steam: Very Positive 94% (78 reviews) Escape Goat 2 Metacritic: 76% (11 critics, 7.5 from 22 users), Steam: Very Positive 94% (158 reviews) Tier 3 ($10/approx £7.78): Everything Metacritic: 78% (4 critics, 5.6 from 5 users), Steam: Very Positive 84% (852 reviews) Gang Beasts Reviews of an earlier/alternative version: Metacritic: 69% (15 critics, 6.5 from 29 users), Steam: Mixed 69% (15872 reviews)


Ergh, so dissapointing Humble Bundles now. Everyone called it once IGN took over. Used to buy one every other week and now I often go months because they’re so poor :(

[Steam] Planet Coaster - £7.19 - Humble Store
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Planet Coaster is back down to its ATL. Currently £29.99 on the Steam store , 76% off drops it to £7.19 :) Planet Coaster® - the future of coaster park simulation gam… Read more
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For anyone that purchased the game, it is horribly optimised. Once you have a big enough park you will struggle to do anything. Apparently the game doesn't utilise multicore. Anyhow, you can get all DLC for free by tricking Steam. The DLC are already downloaded part of the game, all they do is just unlock them, hence the trick. Just lookup CreamAPI (cheeky) I lost days and nights on it making the perfect Xmas park:))


Bought this a while ago and promptly refunded it. When I first opened the game a message popped up advertising the new DLC... not a great start. I was pleased to see the game has Steam workshop support, only to find that it's actually just 'blueprints' of combined items already in the game, not custom models like you'd find in the Cities:skylines workshop, for example. To top it off, most of the workshop blueprints required the aforementioned DLC. So to play this game to it's full extent you'll need to invest an additional £50 at current Steam prices. The low initial price is basically luring you in so you buy the 9 DLC packs. I think I'll pass. Edit: A few of the DLC's are 20% off on the Humble store but that's still an extra £25 for less than half of the available DLC.


Intel Q9300 + GTS 250 here and still going strong!


This is such a good game! Heat!


Beware, a LOT of time is required for this game. If, no really, IF you have the time to spend - then this game is FANTASTIC!

[Steam] Elite Dangerous - £4.79 - Humble Store (Commander Deluxe Edition - £9.59)
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Back down to its all time lowest price. Currently £19.99 on Steam. Also available the Commander Deluxe Edition This bundle includes the following: Elite Dangerous … Read more
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Bargain! Fairly steep learning curve, but worth the effort. Better with HOTAS. Recent updates have made the game more interesting.


Yes, but I'd *really* recommend spending the extra £5 to get the Horizons content, which is pretty substantial and basically essential if you ever want to spend any significant amount of time playing. If you just want a taste of VR spaceship simulation, then sure, stick with the base game, but you're gonna need to invest some time learning the controls/bindings and a lot of the systems and everything anyways. It's not a 'jump in to taste' sort of game at all. It's a commitment.


This too but without VR!


I just used an Xbox one controller which seemed fine, it was very smart how you look around the HUD and control it, seemed very futuristic!! Since it’s on consoles I was very confident it would be playable with a controller and flight sticks aren’t my thing.


What are you using to control it, i use a simple xbox 360 joypad as it has a default setting for that, and that is all you need, to fly, land, scope, cargo or fuel, buy, sell, sell, pick destination, jump and that is it.......never touch the keyboatd or mouse once i am in VR, apart from changing my background music, but it is very easy once you get to grips, so worth while sticking at it as once you leanr something you will wonder what all the fuss was about. lol I do have a hotas but setting that thing up is a pain, so i don't bother seeing as the joypad comes ready to go by default.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice PC Steam Key £12.49 @ Humble Bundle
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
From the makers of Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and DmC: Devil May Cry, comes a warrior’s brutal journey into myth and madness. Set in the Viking age, a broken Ce… Read more
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I completed it with a moderately overclocked 1070. Others have managed on 1060s. The playing button experience was fine on the whole.


Lol... :D (highfive) (y)


Nice. I think we could all learn a valuable lesson from this. :D


A couple of months ago I bought a Gigabye Aorus 1080ti extreme & can now play VR titles very easily. So the moral of the story is... Buy a 1080ti mofos (y)


Maybe it'll be in a Humble VR Classics Bundle in a few years :), at which point I'll hopefully have a decent VR rig too.

FTL : Advanced Edition (PC - Mac/win/Linux) £1.74 @ HumbleBundle
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Looks a very good price to me. You get 10% further off with Humble Monthly and a 7p cashback. MetaScore of 84 Steam… Read more
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One of my favourite games ever, had on PC and gave up waiting for an android port so bought an iPad just for this.


2 weeks


Make sure to have a look at the Mods (after you've completed unmodded ofc) Captain's Edition is a must have


Great game on PC. Fantastic on iPad. Bought it on both platforms a few years back and it definitely plays more naturally on a tablet. I still lost tens of hours on both platforms though. At this price, it’s a no-brainer


i reinstalled steam for this. cheers mate

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin VR £3.09 @ Humble Bundle
24/01/2019Expires on 24/01/2019Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Was the same price on Steam back in December, but is at the same price at Humble Bundle this time. Says the deal is available for next 12 days and a bit. REVIEWS“A fun, intuitive … Read more

And there's a Psychonauts 2 coming out this year :)


only just discovered the original and enjoying it so far, didnt realise there was a follow up.


Great game :)

Oddworld : Abe's Exoddus (Steam) 49p @ HumbleBundle
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
A much loved classic here - for next to nothing price in my view, in case anyone still hasn't got it, that is. Steam still has it for £1.99… Read more
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Great game.




Wow thats even better price then, checked and you are right, its 49p - i must have got the price wrong somehow, fixed - thanks for letting me know. :)


Just bought it thanks, for some reason it only cost me 49p :)

Deep Rock Galactic - Steam Key £12.81 (Monthly Bundle Sub only, £14.24 if not) @ HumbleBundle Store
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Price is only £12.81 if you are an active HumbleBundle Monthly subscriber. £14.24 if not. DEEP ROCK GALACTIC is a 1-4 player co-op-first sci-fi FPS featuring badass space Dwarv… Read more

TangiblePear is right, the same rules apply to amazon links. Prime and non prime prices are listed. If you make it a "deal" with some special access then essentially you are posting a retention deal. Helpful to some, but the majority struggle to get in on the deal.


Show me where that rule is, please?


Price listed is supposed to be the price everyone can get it at however.


Maybe not everybody but I bet a fair few people are.


How many people are monthley subscribers? Price should be listed without the monthly subscriber discount.

Humble Winter Sale now Live until 24/01 - 1000+ PC games reduced - Humble Store
24/01/2019 at 18:00Expires on 24/01/2019 at 18:00Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
I've just been browsing the Humble Winter Sale and thought I'd throw a post together about it. I've used a few examples of each of the developers games in the list to give an idea,… Read more
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Faster than light is good so they say, and its £1.74


Dragon Quest XI is a steal at £24


Thanks for making the list! Good effort. I got Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.


I didn't even think to look at this months bundle (shock) thanks!


Best I've found is buying the DLC individually from

FlatOut for 59p  @ HumbleBundle
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Hard to go wrong for 59p - thats just my view atleast :) Decent MetaScore of 72 Steam has it for £1.29 https://store.steampower… Read more
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49p by the look of it!


Awesome game and rest of the series is on offer aswell. FlatOut 2 £1.19 FlatOut Ultimate Carnage £3.39 FlatOut 4 Total Insanity £5.99


Bloody love this game. Nearly as much as the second! Top banana (y)

[Steam] A Story About My Uncle - Free (when you subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter) - Humble Store
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Sign up to the newsletter to recieve the game free :) A Story About My Uncle is provided via Steam Key. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required to play. … Read more
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PXC09-07D58-0HLF9 Spare key if anyone wants it, another game I had from years ago and forgot about, expires on 17/1 so please hurry.




Thanks very much, sent to a few people I know :)




Nice one cheers Buzz :)

Deadly Class Comic Bundle from 77p - Humblebundle
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
The Humble Comics Bundle: Deadly Class by Image Comics This bundle has a lot of class. We've teamed up with Image Comics for our newest bundle! Get Deadly Class issues #1-35 or re… Read more

The tv series is coming out and first episode was released early. Benedict Wong is in it no more needs to be said <3 <3 <3


Worth noting that each level gets you both a number of individual issues AND the collections collecting those very same issues, so $166 value is effectively double the actual value to read the series. That said, it's an interesting series and well worth trying.

Photography book bundle 87p on Humble Bundle
20/01/2019Expires on 20/01/2019Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
We've teamed up with Wiley for our newest bundle! Get ebooks like Nikon D3200 Digital Field Guide, Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook: 101 Lighting Styles and Setups for Digital Phot… Read more
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Are the books any good? I'm not interested in the Canon/Nikon specific stuff, what about the more general guides to lighting etc?


Wait a mo ...these are ebooks , I can’t use these as a tripod / rest for my camera.

Humble Monthly for February - $12.00 (c.£9.43) for  Yakuza 0, Tom Clancy's The Division (+ more)
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Humble Bundle's full January 2019 monthly bundle has just been revealed, which also prompts the announcement of the headline game for February. Subscribe now (or pay early, for ex… Read more
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Frozen Cortex has been updated added to the Trove (free for Humble Monthly subscribers). Critics liked it more than users: Frozen Cortex Metacritic: 79% (11 critics, 6.5 from 29 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 75% (156 reviews) Trove Reviews: Galactic Civilizations® II: Ultimate Edition Metacritic: 92% (19 critics, 8.3 from 133 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 76% (668 reviews) Tumblestone Metacritic: 91% (5 critics, 2.9 from 62 users), Steam: Positive 89% (48 reviews) Torchlight II Metacritic: 88% (67 critics, 8.6 from 1912 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 95% (19728 reviews) LIMBO Metacritic: 88% (22 critics, 8.1 from 1451 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 95% (9210 reviews) Super Meat Boy Metacritic: 87% (11 critics, 8.3 from 819 users), Steam: Very Positive 94% (17771 reviews) Gone Home Metacritic: 86% (56 critics, 5.4 from 2063 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 77% (10620 reviews) Amnesia: The Dark Descent Metacritic: 85% (44 critics, 8.7 from 1247 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 90% (9283 reviews) Frozen Synapse Metacritic: 85% (27 critics, 7.6 from 196 users), Steam: Very Positive 90% (976 reviews) SOMA Metacritic: 84% (68 critics, 8.4 from 913 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 95% (12443 reviews) The End Is Nigh Metacritic: 84% (14 critics, 7.6 from 39 users), Steam: Very Positive 93% (1179 reviews) The Sexy Brutale Metacritic: 83% (28 critics, 8.3 from 46 users), Steam: Very Positive 94% (512 reviews) Torchlight Metacritic: 83% (57 critics, 8 from 817 users), Steam: Very Positive 92% (2637 reviews) Starseed Pilgrim Metacritic: 83% (12 critics, 6.1 from 36 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 75% (137 reviews) Hacknet Metacritic: 82% (7 critics, 7.8 from 36 users), Steam: Very Positive 92% (6313 reviews) Gemini Rue Metacritic: 82% (24 critics, 8.4 from 200 users), Steam: Very Positive 89% (748 reviews) Overlord™ Metacritic: 81% (27 critics, 8.1 from 240 users), Steam: Very Positive 93% (2257 reviews) Trine Metacritic: 80% (50 critics, 8.2 from 492 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 96% (7298 reviews) 140 Metacritic: 80% (6 critics, 7.3 from 62 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 95% (1261 reviews) Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Metacritic: 80% (18 critics, 7.7 from 157 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 79% (1020 reviews) Dustforce DX Metacritic: 79% (35 critics, 7.9 from 101 users), Steam: Very Positive 89% (1432 reviews) Overlord II Metacritic: 79% (32 critics, 8.1 from 166 users), Steam: Very Positive 87% (1610 reviews) Frozen Cortex Metacritic: 79% (11 critics, 6.5 from 29 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 75% (156 reviews) Deadlight Metacritic: 78% (7 critics, 7.4 from 540 users), Steam: Very Positive 80% (7930 reviews) Orwell Metacritic: 77% (17 critics, 7.2 from 67 users), Steam: Very Positive 92% (3732 reviews) Teslagrad Metacritic: 77% (15 critics, 7.9 from 106 users), Steam: Very Positive 88% (827 reviews) Shadowrun Returns Metacritic: 76% (54 critics, 7.4 from 936 users), Steam: Very Positive 89% (6379 reviews) Volgarr the Viking Metacritic: 76% (9 critics, 7.6 from 91 users), Steam: Very Positive 87% (1125 reviews) Reus Metacritic: 75% (22 critics, 7.2 from 225 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 79% (3453 reviews) Epistory - Typing Chronicles Metacritic: 74% (15 critics, 8 from 22 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 96% (753 reviews) The Bridge Metacritic: 74% (23 critics, 7.6 from 81 users), Steam: Very Positive 89% (2400 reviews) Renowned Explorers: International Society Metacritic: 73% (16 critics, 6.1 from 65 users), Steam: Very Positive 92% (1240 reviews) Alan Wake's American Nightmare Metacritic: 73% (15 critics, 6.7 from 316 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 70% (3074 reviews) The Last Federation Metacritic: 72% (9 critics, 7 from 38 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 72% (281 reviews) Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Metacritic: 72% (59 critics, 5.9 from 839 users), Steam: Mixed 65% (3932 reviews) Bionic Dues Metacritic: 71% (6 critics, 7.7 from 61 users), Steam: Very Positive 86% (217 reviews) The Bard's Tale Metacritic: 70% (11 critics, 7.6 from 77 users), Steam: Very Positive 80% (421 reviews) Shelter Metacritic: 69% (29 critics, 7.3 from 82 users), Steam: Very Positive 86% (2226 reviews) Dungeon Souls Metacritic: 67% (8 critics, 5 from 6 users), Steam: Very Positive 80% (1045 reviews) Strike Suit Zero Metacritic: 66% (40 critics, 7.2 from 160 users), Steam: Very Positive 81% (1064 reviews) Tiny Echo Steam: Very Positive 98% (61 reviews), Metacritic: (2 critics) Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis™ Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 95% (532 reviews) Starward Rogue Steam: Very Positive 95% (193 reviews), Metacritic: (2 critics) STAR WARS™ Rebellion Steam: Very Positive 87% (260 reviews), Metacritic: (0 critics, 8.9 from 18 users) Copoka Steam: Positive 86% (43 reviews), Metacritic: (1 critics) Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic Steam: Very Positive 83% (138 reviews), Metacritic: (0 critics) Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Steam: Very Positive 80% (6417 reviews), Metacritic: (0 critics, 5.6 from 20 users) Uurnog Steam: Positive 80% (10 reviews), Metacritic: (3 critics) Gunmetal Arcadia Zero Steam: Positive 80% (26 reviews), Metacritic: (0 critics) STAR WARS™ - X-Wing Alliance™ Steam: Mostly Positive 76% (173 reviews), Metacritic: (0 critics, 8.4 from 17 users) STAR WARS™ X-Wing vs TIE Fighter - Balance of Power Campaigns™ Steam: Mostly Positive 74% (115 reviews), Metacritic: (0 critics, 8.4 from 5 users) ETHEREAL Steam: (0 reviews) Non-Steam games: Roomba, Ollie & Bollie Outdoor Estate, The Incredible Machine Mega Pack, AI War Collection 2014, THOR.N, Crescent Bay, Wilmot's Warehouse, Volantia: Kingdom in the Sky, Quiet City, 2000:1: Space Felony, A2Be - A Science Fiction Narrative, Jawns, Oh, Deer!, Kimmy, Yojimbrawl, Keyboard Sports, Spoolside, Elephant in the Room, DISC ROOM, Cat Girl Without Salad, Stumblehill, Penumbra Collection, Drawkanoid, Lyric Sonata, Knight Club, Fortune 499, Woten, Subserial Network, Hitchhiker and Cut&Run.


Tom Clancy's The Division - Survival Expansion has been added to the bundle :)


This or similar is indeed quite common.


Only recently subscribed to humble monthly and went to cancel this month but was offered to carry on with $3 knocked off . Might be what they do all the time I don`t know.


Yes just give them the key code or use humbles own email gifting option

Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
We've teamed up with Callisto Media for our newest bundle! Get ebooks like The Anxiety Workbook, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple, The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook, Practical… Read more
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Good timing, Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet, The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook and The Ultimate Bodybuilding Cookbook. Looks good to me.


Always reminds me of the Santander logo (embarrassed)