Hummingbird bakery - Cake Days - £6 @ Sainsburys

Hummingbird bakery - Cake Days - £6 @ Sainsburys

Found 23rd Mar 2011
Hummingbird bakery: Cake days only £6 in store at Sainsburys.

Cheapest I've seen it.

Got a copy for my mum for mothers day. :-)
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Do you think this would be much different from the Cupcakes and Muffins book?…lnk
I think it would be pretty similar although this is the new edition.
Thanks - just wondering as I might get it for the wife.

She already has the one I mentioned and loves it!
Just to say I picked up a copy today, and she has confirmed it to be an excellent addition - lots of new stuff to try - most of which sound really tummy!

Only thing is, I now have to get another 2 copies for my daughters!
Glad to hear it.. Not so cheap when you have to buy three though.. lol
Thanks a million for this, been today and picked up a copy and I can say it is totally different to the other Hummingbird Books. Thanks again you're a star xxx

Thanks for posting, haven't seen this one, but loved the Hummingbird bakery cook book, even though some recipes had to be updated from their website. Will try and get a copy or two

quote from the book people:

The second delectable baking book from cupcake king Tarek Malouf, The … The second delectable baking book from cupcake king Tarek Malouf, The Hummingbird Bakery – Cake Days brings together all of his latest mouth-watering recipes. Beautifully designed and packed with lavish photographs, this hardback is pretty in pink and almost looks good enough to eat! Highly recommended following the astonishing success of the previous cookbook from The Hummingbird Bakery, this well-explained guide brings gorgeous treats to your fingertips, such as various cupcakes, loaves, layer cakes, whoopee pies, fruit pies and cookies. With some exciting and novel new cupcake combinations, this is one baking book that is not to be missed!

Also available via Quidco (6% off for next 8 hrs) The book people have it for £6.99 and you can also add 24 silicon cup cakes offer for £4.99 instead of £6.99 optional.
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