humyo : Free Online Data Storage & Backup Space
humyo : Free Online Data Storage & Backup Space

humyo : Free Online Data Storage & Backup Space

Hi everyone, I just learnt how to upload my files here. This seems to be a great storage space that I can use to post piccys or share files, user and platform friendly too, seems to be based on Java. I use YouSendIt.com for files up to 100Mb so this indefinite webspace at humyo seems very appealing at the moment. I wouldn't store my precious backups here yet though despite what they say, just in case they don't have a backup system in place. I'm a new user and haven't checked out their mobile storage yet too so time will tell if this is a good product, so far so good!

Ad blurb from humyo:
humyo is a new online storage service for all of your files.

You just upload your files to humyo and access, share, publish and enjoy them from almost anywhere in the world on your computer or mobile phone. You can watch and listen to your media files directly with humyo and automatically embed a media player for your content in emails and in social networking sites like Facebook. With humyo, you have your own invisible personal server always at your side.

Synchronised storage
Ultra high security
Access via phone & PC
Friendly controls
Streaming & Embedding


This is the same service that was posted on here a few weeks ago, except it used to be VirtualVault from Freedom2Surf - they just changed the name!

Good service either way!

Nice website and they seem very friendly, but I think they really need to get a bit more organised for automatic backups. At the moment, you have to drag files to an upload box, and data transfer is pretty slow (1 or 2 MB/minute). Downloads can only be done one at a time. Looks like they will get there soon, but for the moment try idrive.

Actually, I am getting 3 MB/minute now, which may be limited by my internet connection. Nominally, this is 1Mbit/s but this is subject to contention. 3 MB/min is equivalent to an upload speed of 400 Kbit/sec and it is possible my connection is running that slowly. Really, though they need some automatic backup software, which they have promised by the end of the year.
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