Hunger: Series 1 & 2 (8 DVD Box Set) - £11.18 delivered !

Hunger: Series 1 & 2 (8 DVD Box Set) - £11.18 delivered !

Found 19th Oct 2006
Hunger: Series 1 & 2 (8 DVDs ) - £11.18 delivered from

20% off using code SQ1515 (included in price).

Series 1 : The series explores the intense themes of power, lust, eroticism and class. It's sexy, cutting-edge style has influenced a generation of film-makers. Introduced by '60S icon Terence Stamp (The Limey, The Hit) and executive produced by Brit film giants Ridley and Tony Scott,The Hunger

Series 2 : Another stunning anthology from the multi-award-winning Ridley and Tony Scott - 22 more tales of obsession and paranoia that mingle the forbidden with the bizarre as they explore the darker side of our desires. Pop culture icon David Bowie (who starred in Tony Scott's original '80S movie of The Hunger) introduces each episode and also features in the series' opener alongside hot young Hollywood property Giovanni Ribisi (Lost in Translation). Other guest stars include Eric Roberts, David Warner, Fisher Stevens, Jennifer Beals, Lori Petty and Cathy Moriarty.

Contains All 22 Episodes From Series 1 On 4DVDs. Contains All 22 Episodes From Series 2 On 4DVDs.


If you got both of these, used the 20% discount and got your Quidco cashback, it would mean both series for £10.17.

I've seen this in the sale in Virgin at £9.99 per season - have wondered what it's like, I'd never heard of it before (aside from the original film).

Thanks once again edi - I have had series 2 for ages and this is the first time I have ever seen series 1 at this price. Just bought it with the 20% off and TCB cashback. Cult series at Cut prices.

Thanks edi,jujst got both for £11.18 using discount code.:thumbsup:

Series 1 Episode Guide

The Swords (28m02s): When a Los Angelean, James Chandler (Balthazar Getty), arrives in London, a visit to a fetish club leads to a relationship with a young woman, Musidora (Amanda Ryan), who can survive being pierced with swords.

Menage a Trois (27m12s): A nurse (Lena Headey) arrives at the home of a wheelchair-bound woman (Karen Black) to take up a position as carer. There, she meets a handyman (Daniel Craig) and learns that her employee still has sexual desires that must be fulfilled.

Necros (28m01s): When William Cobb arrives in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, he falls for a beautiful young woman who brings with her a strange old man as a companion. But despite warnings of one being an Incubus, who is it that Cobb should be more afraid of?

The Face of Helene Bournouw (26m05s): Is there a siren alive in these modern times? Three deaths come about from an obsession with the same woman but when a journalist (Stephen McHattie) investigates and becomes smitten with Helene (Jayne Heitmeyer), will he too meet an untimely end?

But At My Back I Always Hear (27m04s): When a university professor (Michael Gross) rejects an attempted seduction by one of his students, he learns that her obsession with him does not necessarily end with death.

Footsteps (26m01s): Claire (Sofia Shinas) is a woman with a voracious appetite for fine food and is prepared to travel the world to sate it. Her favourite meal? Why, men, of course, whom she dines upon every night. But in Paris, she meets a man who may be the one to teach her to love and not to devour.

Red Light (27m42s): A down-on-his-luck photographer is delighted when an ex-lover, who is now a supermodel, re-enters his life but when he tries to photograph her, she tells him not to, fearing that the light from the flash in his camera will steal her soul. But when she spends the night with him, will he be able to resist taking a photograph of her as she sleeps?

Room 17 (26m32s): When a travelling salesman (Curtis Armstrong) hires Room 17 of the Limbo Hotel and orders an adult channel on his cable television, he gets more than he ever imagined but as his fantasies come true, what is it that Carla wants.

The Secret Shih-Tan (28m01s): The Shih-Tan is secret book of forbidden recipes and when a master chef (Jason Scott Lee) gets the opportunity to read it and prepare one dish, he cannot resist.

The Other Woman (26m09s): The jealous wife of a fashion designer tells her husband that her vengeance will know no limits should he ever commit adultery but, even having been warned, can he ignore the attentions of his young protege.

Clarimonde (26m38s): A young priest has remained virtuous throughout his training but before taking his vows, he seeks the advice of an older priest on the friendship he has with a beautiful young woman. The older priest remembers his youth and an affair with a similar woman but despite his protests that they were only dreams, were they?

Bridal Suite (26m10s): A young and newly married couple arrive at an isolated guest house for their honeymoon but spend the night in a room that is said to be cursed. But during the night, the groom disappears and whilst his wife frantically searches, she learns the true and terrible nature of the curse.

The Sloan Men (26m50s): When a young woman meets her husband's family for the first time, her mother-in-law (Margot Kidder), has some disturbing and surprising news for her.

Plain Brown Envelope (27m00s): On a snowy day, a woman hitches a lift in a truck but come nightfall it breaks down and they are forced to spend the night in the truck. When he prepares a bed in the trailer, he is first revealed as a travelling sex-aid salesman but then he reveals that he is much more.

A Matter of Style (26m15s): An experienced older vampire (Isabelle Cyr) finds that she must initiate a young male protege and teach him the ways of becoming a seducer and killer of young women.

Anais (27m36s): When an architect travels to a strange city on business, the drawings that he makes to pass the time all seem to feature a young woman, who he names Anais. But when she enters his life, he becomes unsure where this fantasy, if that's what it is, will end.

I'm Dangerous Tonight (27m34s): A Parisian fashion designer creates a fabulous dress from a piece of red fabric, leaving everyone who sees it under its spell. Such fascination with the dress, however, exacts a terrible price.

Fly-By-Night (26m00s): When a war veteran, Sonia (Kim Feeney), is admitted to hospital, she recognises a fellow patient as a vampire but offers to help him.

No Radio (27m04s): A couple who indulge in fantasies involving role play but as their games become ever more daring, they put each other's lives in danger.

The Lighthouse (26m01s): A man takes on the job of a lighthouse keeper having had his heart broken but during a hurricane, a single red rose brings back memories of his past affair.

The River of Night's Dreaming (26m33s): A prison transport van crashes into a river and Gena (Marnie Thompson) swims to freedom, finding shelter in an old mansion, where she is cared for by two women. But is she really free in this creaking old house and what exactly has brought her here?

Hidebound (26m23s): When a woman takes a job as a security guard at a warehouse, she finds that it is possessed by an evil spirit but one that she learns to control.

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THanks Bazr :thumbsup:


Great price, thanks edi

Got mine today,but strangely,received an extra package containing another copy of series 2.Looks like somebody else's order but posted to me.Anybody missing one?:?

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Got mine today,but strangely,received an extra package containing another … Got mine today,but strangely,received an extra package containing another copy of series 2.Looks like somebody else's order but posted to me.Anybody missing one?:?

.... you are lucky :roll:

Mine says 'product deleted ' I am guessing I wont be getting it. Bum. really wanted it too!
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