Hunter Original Kids Wellies Powder Blue (free mainland uk delivery) £19.99 @ GardenXL

Hunter Original Kids Wellies Powder Blue (free mainland uk delivery) £19.99 @ GardenXL

Found 22nd Jul 2011
I'm listing some in their various colours to offset those who might not look via the simplest click of a link in order to check other colours available, various colours & sizes, though limited stock! ..with Hunter there are quite a few model types & therefore different prices based on linings style etc.
rapid delivery typically from garden xl, good fast turnaround, a nice present for outdoorsy kids, or merely to spot your childs ones at school amidst the morass of kicked off boots in bad weather!
the bag is handy too!

Recommend you buy em now as they're bound to go up preice wise as we march towards autumnal weather & rain ..well more of it!
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Why do you need to list each colour as a separate deal?
I'm not there are a few types traditional, neoprene, short leg, long leg (knee height etc) so thought i'd highlight a few initially.
..otherwise there'd be around 20 listings, I often don't click on a listing based on my pstyle colour preference, so I thought I'd do some legwork.
Also with Hunters there are different strengths, basic, outdoor (proper) etc.. so you need to be aware precisely what you're looking at & for what purpose.
mostly in small sizes 7 and 8
Try looking at more types eg NEOPRENE model for extra size variants... (& price)
High price for kids wellies.
£4.99 would be my limit

Fab offer, best price I've ever seen. Will order for next winter. Hot
Cheap crap made in China now.

Cheap crap made in China now.

So cheap they still hold royal warrants! .. idiocy, but also not all are made in china so can you categorically vouchsafe for all the models origins in a full list please!

or simply shut up!
Like i've said before, never had problems in many years of wearing them, in a farming environment & family we can put over 120 combined years of Hunter between a few sets of our immediate families feet, ..& the only problem I've ever encountered were with crappy cheaper chinese wellingtons recently bought for my daughter that lasted precisely 2 x trips out before they fel apart.

So my 7 yr old daughter said, "I guess i'll live my life in my Hunters"
Ok as your a bit thick they are made in Serbia, China, and Brazil.Here you might learn something if you read this i very much doubt it though,lol…et/
Sorry i suffer fools badly.
Just bought another 2 pairs.....I just love these and the price. Hot hot hot

£4.99 would be my limit

where we live £5 wellies last about 1 month they are worn so much, hunters last untill out grown
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