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iPad Air 16GB - £338 @
Found 31st May 2014Found 31st May 2014
iPad Air 16GB - £338 @
Usually £400 at the apple store so a 16% discount is good if you're planning on buying one
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MAJOR RIP OFF sorry but is cheaper on ebay :(

iPhone 4, 8GB, refurb, HushHush from £99 locked + £9.99 delivery
Found 8th May 2014Found 8th May 2014
iPhone 4, 8GB, refurb, HushHush from £99 locked + £9.99 delivery
Just saw this, might be useful for someone looking for a first smartphone who doesn't need 4G (as it won't work with 4G): Smartphone Store only have Grade C stock in at the moment … Read more
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Only comes with a USB charger. (_;)


evidence? ps: HUKD doesn't allow non registered companies to be promoted on here. thanks.


This compny is fraud. Please check review on google


I'm i missing something here with HushHush there is No Telephone Number or Address seems strange to me This is not one of them companies that grab your money and run is it never heard of them before.


The 8gb version of the iPhone 4 wasn't released until late 2011:

Cyclone Explorer 7” Android Tablet - Hush Hush - £36.98 del
Found 7th May 2014Found 7th May 2014
Cyclone Explorer 7” Android Tablet - Hush Hush - £36.98 del
It's not gonna be like as good as an iPad or a Nexus etc but it's cheap as chips! Super-fast quad-core processor Runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Potential memory of 32GB Ideal for n… Read more

Sweeeeeeet!!! .. thanx for your timely feedback? lol. :-)


Don't know right now, I don't follow stock lvls but if you keep an eye on this site they have come up several times (a quick search of this site and there has been 3 sub £50 deals in 3 months)and even a 64gb version only goes for about £60 .... I did love my playbook and the only other tablet I have used that beat/came close was a nexus 7 ,all the others (nook HD ,Asus memo HD and a £40 novatech thing) have been frustrating laggy os and in the case of the novatech one nearly unusable


Thanx ..... not lol. :-(

jasejames You'll have to take my word for this, that this tablet was £41 only a week ago, but still, even at £52 this is bargainous.


I second that also. :-)

Dancing Water LED speakers in Black or White only £18.99 + £4.99 delivery at
Found 5th May 2014Found 5th May 2014
Dancing Water LED speakers in Black or White only £18.99 + £4.99 delivery at
Good price for some water speakers, struggle to find a good price for these now a days +4.99 POSTAGE - arma_gera

Paid £10 from a store on ebay


Hushhush is the worst company ever. Terrible product and bad price. They are being sold at B&m for cheaper.


They sound awful like.


These are not good


just seen they want£6.99 to post s pair of earphones!

Debenhams £10 e-gift card for only £7 @
Found 5th May 2014Found 5th May 2014
Debenhams £10 e-gift card for only £7 @
Get a £10 for £7 good deal :)

if I was to create 5 accounts and purchase vouchers could i use all 5 vouchers in one transaction in store if the product I'm buying is worth £80?

You can in store but my experience of using evouchers on;ine is that you can add one voucher but then can only add a second voucher is it covers the full balance of the order i.e. you can use 2 x £10 vouchers if the order is £20 or less but not if it goes above £20. I may have been doing something wrong but the only way I could place a bigger order was to use one voucher and then pay the balance using a credit card.


Can I use multiple voucher per order?

Refurb unlocked iPhone 4S 16gb black or white only £186.99 Plus £9.99 P+P @
Found 5th May 2014Found 5th May 2014
Refurb unlocked iPhone 4S 16gb black or white only £186.99 Plus £9.99 P+P @
Good price for a refurb phone Plus £9.99 delivery - Edward_Nigma

COLD just for taking money for delivery plus you get used phone.


Record for such a cold deal


Best phone I've had to date really. Regret ever buying an S4 really.


An iPhone, no thanks


Plus extra tenner for delivery!

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Beats in ear headphones only £41.99 Plus £6.99 P+P @
Found 5th May 2014Found 5th May 2014
Beats in ear headphones only £41.99 Plus £6.99 P+P @
Seems a good price for these :) Plus delivery at £6.99 - Edward_Nigma

Bought a pair and they are FAKE. I have just asked for a refund. They do not even try to make them look like the original: they do not come with the original big box, no instructions and only the small black bags. Even the small black bag is not like the original..


seems to be the same deals @ mighty deals? Are they one & the same?


Don't think I've ever seen so many cold deals from one person is such a short time :P


Could the op post some more hush hush deals?!?



110 Finish powerball dishwasher tablets only £10.99 plus £5.99 P+P @
Found 5th May 2014Found 5th May 2014
110 Finish powerball dishwasher tablets only £10.99 plus £5.99 P+P @
Good price for 110 Also save money by buying 220 for £20.99 330 for £30.99 440 for £40.99

9.99 in b&m stores for 110


£8.99 instore at Concord extra


For a site called, it seems suddenly to be making a lot of noise on HUKD...


no wonder its called HUSH HUSH!


same price as poundland/poundworld. PLUS 6 pounds delivery..COLD :)

Refurb Samsung galaxy S3 only £161.99 Plus £9.99 P+P
Found 5th May 2014Found 5th May 2014
Refurb Samsung galaxy S3 only £161.99 Plus £9.99 P+P
Good price for an s3 despite the refurb status



You are in for a long wait. Lol


I'm waiting for the S4 to come out.

iPad Air 16gb @ for only £338 inc Delivery
Found 4th May 2014Found 4th May 2014
iPad Air 16gb @ for only £338 inc Delivery
I know people on hukd don't like apple products but this is a good price for an iPad Air! Bargain at £338 if you ask me!!

irs your wallet you should apologise to, it's going to get emptier from now on


You were robbed. I paid £350 for a 32gb on release day with a smart cover included 8) Also, the OPs deal is £4 cheaper than what you paid... yet you still vote cold? oO


I bought one from HushHush a few months back. £305.00. Turned out to be a US model grey import, so phoned Apple Support and they sent me the UK Plug gratis. Took a while to get the iPad delivered, but I'm not impatient like some. Apple Support has international cover so it doesn't matter from where you purchased it, Apple honour the warrantee.


I have become an apple fanboy recently .... Sorry android


Sorry - cold from me. - just had mine delivered today (on a Sunday!) from amazon via prime for £342 -

Finish Powerball Tablets - 1 year supply £39.99 - HushHush
Found 14th Mar 2014Found 14th Mar 2014
Finish Powerball Tablets - 1 year supply £39.99 - HushHush
Possibly going to get frosty, but I thought a years supply of decent dish washer tablets was great at this price 110 Finish Powerball Tablets for £10.99 220 Finish Powerball Tabl… Read more

get 110 box for £9 IN FARMFOODS


8.99 for 110 tablet at UKDiscount 35.96 for 440 tablets


Who puts their dishwasher on more than once a day? 440 tabs is more than a years worth. If you use it every day (which not everybody does) you would still have 75 tabs left over. I'd say the 330 tabs for £30.99 is closer to the mark for a year's worth. but that maybe just me. Maybe that's why it's got exceeding cold... there's at least 14/15 months worth on that £39.99 option you have in your main heading...

13" MACBOOK PRO with OS X LION......HUSH HUSH £720.90
Found 1st Mar 2014Found 1st Mar 2014
13" MACBOOK PRO with OS X LION......HUSH HUSH £720.90
I came across this deal and thought it was good.......You have to add PAYDAY in the discount code box to get it for this price......Its currently £846 on amazon but the amazon one … Read more
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This is the 2012 model MBPro not MacBook AIR Currently £849 at apple referb store Note these are the last MBPros to have the DVD drive fitted Word of warning though, it doesn't come with a UK plug so may have an international keyboard also


OS is irrelevant as all are upgradable to Mavericks for free


You can get the scaling to work both ways fyi.


I find it hard enough to read the non-retina 13" macbook screen. I think I'd bleed from my tear-ducts with a higher res. This is a great deal.


Nope, you can change it to higher scaled resolutions if you want the extra space, or even go to native res if you're that dedicated. I'm using a 15" retina pro atm and it'll go all the way up to 1920*1200 scaled if I want.

HUSH HUSH iPad mini 16GB £197.00 + £9.99
Found 14th Feb 2014Found 14th Feb 2014
HUSH HUSH iPad mini 16GB £197.00 + £9.99
A Choice of 16GB Apple iPad Mini with Wi-Fi & Optional 3G WIFI £197.00 3G £227.00 P&P9.99

Deal looks good to me, I need to replace my faulty nexus7, bit undecided on iPads though


Spencermann/ were banned because not enough feedback. I managed to buy a 32gb iPad Air for £369 and 16gb Air for £299 from Play/Spencermann after HX/Lloyds cashback. The 2 x £30 cashback was paid end of last month direct into my Bank a/c. Even cheaper when/if TCB pays.


Really? Why is ecp and not allowed? Great experience with both


Yet non-validated merchants such as those with high feedback on or even EuroCarParts are reputable sellers yet their deals are not accepted on here. I wouldn't use HUKD acceptability as a gauge


As HushHush is a HUKD valid merchant, Might be nice to go a little easier on the OP guys. Heat added.

iPad air 16gb only £340 including delivery @ HushHush
Found 12th Feb 2014Found 12th Feb 2014
iPad air 16gb only £340 including delivery @ HushHush
iPad air only £340 at HushHush, seems like a good deal considering they retail at £399 at Apple?

What's the situation on warranty coverage in the EU with a US device?


Anyone know if John Lewis would price match on HushHush ? I have JL vouchers to use up. Worth a try online anyway ! Also would someone mind explaining what a Grey Import is- and what the problem is with them? Are they second quality ?


I recieved mine yesterday that was £305, brilliant buy and very pleased with my purchase


Amazing how some people can't resist beating a dead horse. Its an Apple tablet. People like them. Its a good price. Get over it.


What a ripoff price for a tablet. Amazing how people lose rational thought when seeing an apple logo.

Found 2nd Feb 2014Found 2nd Feb 2014
I stumbled across this deal earlier......Its a IPAD AIR 16GB SPACE GREY....for just over £300......Cheapest i have seen and have ordered one get the extra 10% discou… Read more
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305 Are you saying that you've paid £305.09 but have not received your iPad?


Mighty deal contact number is dodgy , no one answer my call , they still owe me my delivery.


Mine would have been delivered today but no one in, been really easy to arrange re delivery! This is definitely a great deal and nothing dodgy about it!


Im very happy too, still do not understand why this thread was voted cold


I've played with so many Android devices and this iPad Air just knocks them into a cocked-hat. Great purchase at £305.00. Light and really fast...the display is to die for. HD films look spectacular. Thanks OP!

Reichenbach watches - up to 92% off (allegedly)!
Found 28th Aug 2013Found 28th Aug 2013
Reichenbach watches - up to 92% off (allegedly)!
I hope this isn't some sort of bizarre error (or the RRP was hopelessly inflated or some such) but got an email from Hushhush that has this watch (amongst others) at a large discou… Read more
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My partner must be the biggest fool around cause he fell for this scam soon as he said the discount I knew it was to good to be true if something sounds to good to be true then it's def not true oh well I got a nice watch out of him lol


Darn I should've spotted that one! No s**t Sherlock! X)


Hehe thanks! Maybe I crept under their radar lol ;) Also big thanks to Elitom. A good reason for using this site is so that people are kept aware of the various scams and misdirections companies pull in order to extract our cash... not saying the watches are bound to be crap but as pointed out, the company is on at least one blacklist Trusted Watch (scroll down) so chances are, they ain't great...


Delievery in 7 to 14 days, smells fishy to me.


I was waiting for the reichenbachs fall. It's elementary.

Breville Ceramic soleplate Iron 2400w £23.50 (from £39.00) @ Hush Hush
Found 11th Aug 2013Found 11th Aug 2013
Breville Ceramic soleplate Iron 2400w £23.50 (from £39.00) @ Hush Hush
Have no clue about ironing (and don't really want to learn lol) but this seems reasonable for a ceramic soleplate iron... HH3DEL80 @ checkout for free delivery for orders over £80… Read more
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Oooh cheers, I'm such a n00b oO PS I like your avatar! I've got Agnes' unicorn plush doll "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" LOL X)


Thanks for posting. I’ve added the merchant to the title. Here’s a ‘Help’ link which gives tips and advice on thread posting.

10ft Trampoline with Safety Net £85.00 @ HushHush
Found 8th May 2013Found 8th May 2013
10ft Trampoline with Safety Net £85.00 @ HushHush
Kingfisher 10ft trampoline made with a strong galvanised steel frame with heavy duty polypropylene jumping surface with safety net is listed at £95 but Use code "orange30" to get t… Read more

Naughty Hush Hush lol , they have now put the price up to £114 with the code! Please expire anyway as it is no longer deal price & it ends in 2 hours anyway (_;) x


back in stock but cold for me as the delivery will cost £ 24.95. :|


are you sure it's 10ft the 8ft was that price


Only if the person with the last one in their basket doesn't checkout within 15 minutes!!! There was actually only one in stock when you posted this


It says check back in 13mins so they may update

Kingfisher 8ft Trampoline with enclosure £58.95 delivered with code @ HushHush
Found 8th May 2013Found 8th May 2013
Kingfisher 8ft Trampoline with enclosure £58.95 delivered with code @ HushHush
Great offer @ Hush Hush at the moment , the 8ft trampoline itself is down to £69 but delivery is £19.95 So use discount code ; orange30 for £30 off a £60 spend to get it at £58.95… Read more

My Hush Hush order arrived yesterday :D I ordered household items not the trampoline


Anyway , please expire as although back in stock they have put the price up now to £90 with the code


The Tesco one was Plum brand @ £79 plus £3 delivery so this one is still a good brand for £23 cheaper And I reckon your comments DID panic people but I would not have posted this deal if it was for a dodgy company - Obviously I just wanted everyone to enjoy an absolute bargain trampoline for the kids and those who have now cancelled will miss out! :( You are right about £130 being high though , have now found it for approx £90 ; :D


Sorry if I stopped peoples kids from their enjoyment????? Of course asking people to be careful would do that.... I just asked if anyone had used the site before and thought that people should be careful just to try and save a few quid. If you have paid £130 including delivery you have been ripped off. Tesco had them at £75.00 a couple of days a go and free delivery to store. Hopefully this company complies with distance selling rules.


That's odd it is still OOS but they have put the price up anyway??? It ends in 7 hours , they have no stock now , so I don't see the point in them upping the price - But well done for those who got one @ £58.95 which is a FAB price for this size!! ( These are usually about £130 delivered! ) x