Hustle Complete BBC Series 1-4 only £21.97 delivered @ Amazon!

Hustle Complete BBC Series 1-4 only £21.97 delivered @ Amazon!

Found 3rd Nov 2008Made hot 3rd Nov 2008
Set under the grey skies of London, HUSTLE follows the exploits of five grifters (played by Adrian Lester, Jaime Murray, Robert Glenister, Marc Warren, and Robert Vaughn). This ambitious group of conmen (and woman) are no small-time crooks either; they've got much loftier goals which play out as elaborate schemes, trickery, and double-crossing. This release contains every episode from series 1-4.



In the true spirit of the programme you really ought to try get this boxset by conning in out the sales assistant.

This is not expired - thread reported.

And it's an amazing deal IMO!

Great price considering I paid around £12 each for series 1-3 last year, then paid another £12 for series 4 this year. Hustle is meant to be back for season 5 next year, can't wait. Voted hot

Another Xmas prezzie sorted! :gift:

Cracking price for a cracking series. Recommended.
Hot deal

Hmmm, I'm in 2 minds about ordering this.
Normally a 4 season boxset for £22 would be a no brainer.
However checking imdb shows that it's only 6 episodes per season.
Making just under a pound per episode.

Not seen it, have heard good reviews for it.
However have bought a ton of dvd's/hd-dvd's recently. Hmmm
should I / should I not...

(perhaps I'd better consult the future wife to be)
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