hustle series 1 only 7.99 and 5% quidco

hustle series 1 only 7.99 and 5% quidco

Found 29th Jul 2007
first post so go easy please

hustle series one for an amazing 8 quid!!

great price for a great tv series.

free delivery

in stock dispatch within 24 hours


Also available for £8 at Virgin Megastores - although Quidco not available.

I bought it from them a few weeks ago when it was £9.99 and it was the cheapest on the net then. Just finished watching it, my favourite TV series of recent years. Hot!


good price. think ill get this. thanks

good price cheers:thumbsup:

PS: I seem to remember delivery from Choices was a little slow though on the 2 recent occasions I bought from them. Expect to receive it in about a week.

Thanks for your first deal post rockatin I'll just add an image to it :-D

HMV are even slower than Choices for delivery! QuidCo is a bonus too!

You're conning them at this price :giggle:

Nice find.

cheers mate will get this one:thumbsup:

is it the original release, or the rerelease?

because when they first sold it, they accidentally released it with the US versions rather than the longer UK versions. So the time difference is around 7 mins per episode that is missing. That includes one episode featuring David Walliams as a store owner who is conned. So when you get this, check the back. If it states 52 mins then send it back. 59 mins is the time you want.

quidco always fail to track for my choicesUK orders so I'm not expecting the 5%.
Even at £8 this is great for a put-away holiday gift.

The website quotes a total running time of 354 minutes.. so 6 episodes would be 59 minutes by my reckoning ! Assuming running time doesnt include any stupid trailers or anything.

Thanks, just ordered this.


Thanks rockatin and welcome to the forums from me too

This is a really good price, I paid £15.00 for this as a Christmas pressie last year

It's currently showing up as Withdrawn by distributor !?

Original Poster

thanks for the welcomes guys!!!

thats weird that its showing up as withdrawn, you could always try virgin but no quidco is the only difference.

i lovw hustle and couldnt believe when i found this i was looking to pay double the price, a voucher code for choices would of put the cherry on the cake

thanks for reps and voting
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