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Hybrid Pocket Sprung Mattress - King Size - £97.99 with Free Next Day Delivery @ Wayfair

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7 zones: This mattress is divided into 7 zones according to the best stress zones in different positions of the body, thus giving the best balance of support to the spine. There is a core of high-quality individual pocket springs that make it cozy and comfortable in any sleeping position.

Motion isolation: This mattress contains individual pocket springs, which provide excellent support and flexibility, and will bounce in specific areas once they sense the weight of your body, giving appropriate support according to different sleeping postures while the springs on the other side will not be affected by the movement, suitable for a different bodyweight sleep partner

Quality assurance: The hybrid mattress with individual pocket springs not only ensures a comfortable and stable sleeping environment but also has high breathability, which makes the mattress antibacterial, and mite resistant and extends its life the mattress

Soft knit cover with fabric handles on both sides, designed to sleep two adults comfortably, or for single sleepers or teens who want a spacious bed breathable & flame retardant Individual pocket spring mattress. The top layer of this hybrid pocket sprung mattress is stretch knit fiber, which is felt for a comfortable, skin-friendly feel. The inner layer of multi-layer foam (memory foam & wave foam) better fits the curvature of the body and makes the mattress firmness (medium) adaptable to most people. The core of the individual pocket spring not only relies on the open structure with breathable, dehumidification, and anti-mite effects but also is divided into seven zones to support the body. The hybrid style design brings the advantages of multiple materials into full play, ensuring high quality while bringing people a comfortable and restful dreamland.
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(As of 7.35pm, 11th January):4067446_1.jpgFree 100-Night Trial4067446_1.jpg4067446_1.jpg4067446_1.jpgSize: Kingsize (5') Mattress
Overall 150cm W X 200cm L
Overall Product Weight 34.6kg
Mattress Thickness 22cm

Core Thickness 20cm
Comfort Layer Thickness 2cm
  • Double size pocket spring mattress 4ft6 * 6ft3 / 180 * 200cm / 21cm depth
  • Product weight: super king (6') - 42, king size (5') - 34.6, double (4'6) - 29.1, single (3') - 20

Some reviews (various sizes):4067446_1.jpg4067446_1.jpg4067446_1.jpg4067446_1.jpg4067446_1.jpg4067446_1.jpg4067446_1.jpg
Wayfair More details at Wayfair
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  1. Avatar
    420 springs doesn't seem much for a king-size pocket sprung. I'd think it needs to be at least 1000.

    As for rolling a pocket sprung, that's new one on me, but maybe it's now acceptable practice.
  2. Avatar
    Nearly all of the reviews are on the "Neighbours Programme" (which I had to Google) - which seems to be some sort of affiliate programme, likely incentivised, though it's hard to tell. Some reviewers also said they got a different mattress to the one pictured, worth bearing in mind both points, anyway.49288386-otiw3.jpg
  3. Avatar
    It's not currently on offer, but I can recommend amazon.co.uk/Nov…8-3 They state that you should leave it for at least 24 hours before sleeping on it, but mine expanded to its full depth within a couple of minutes, and it's great.
    Thank you George, for the Link, much appreciated.
  4. Avatar
    Any good? It says on website, it comesup rolled up, is this the case?
    apparently quite common these days. They come vacuum packed and once taken out of the packing will start to reconstitute themselves (takes some hours). You can't put them back into the packing if you need to return them so don't know how that works.
  5. Avatar
    Ordered one today, should be here tommorow but only time will tell. Worked out to £93 with work discount so can't really complain. Also Wayfair offer 100 night trial. (edited)
    What's the night trial
  6. Avatar
    Hmm seems almost too cheap, bargain price for a spare bedroom but I wouldn’t risk my back on it
  7. Avatar
    Couple of fatties on that bed and it’ll be piercing four holes in the floor.
  8. Avatar
    Anyone got one.? My wife has back issues so can't be too soft
  9. Avatar
    Don't suppose anyone has a discount code they won't be using thank you pls
  10. Avatar
    You spend one third of your life asleep, don't be tight when it comes to a mattress, buy one in line with your sleep position stomach / back - firm, back / side - medium firm, side - medium soft.
    We paid over £800 for a medium soft dual sprung super duper sleep on a cloud bs mattress, suits my partner as a side sleeper but lacks support on the back = lumbar and upper back pain, so looking forward to getting a new one!
  11. Avatar
    Trust me guys, buy cheap buy twice. You get what you pay for. Yes it will come rolled up, you'll need to lay it out for 10 hours before you can sleep on it.
  12. Avatar
    Mattresses are a very personal choice thing. What's good for you might be totally unsuitable for someone else. I returned a Simba mattress a couple of years ago as it was as bad as the 8 year old mattress I was trying to replace! This does sound like a decent price as it's pocket sprung and memory foam. But like another comment posted on the thread the number of springs does seem low. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Showing £137.99 when clicking on GET DEAL , how do you get it for £97.99 ???
  14. Avatar
    Got mine. There is a yellow smudge on the mattress on the top left location lol. No idea what it is. Should I apply for a refund?
    Mine delivered just now as well. Didn't open it yet. You should take photo of it and contact them.