Hybrio rechargeable batteries 4 pack AA or AAA £1.50 instore @ Asda Living
Hybrio rechargeable batteries 4 pack AA or AAA £1.50 instore @ Asda Living

Hybrio rechargeable batteries 4 pack AA or AAA £1.50 instore @ Asda Living

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Was in Asda Living store at Glasgow Fort yesterday and they had these batteries reduced. Can't see them on line and don't know whether other Asda's will have them. If you stay nearby it might be worth having a look though.


whats the power rating of these ???

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The AAA's are 800mAh and the AA's are 2100mAh.

not used these so comment on their quality, but good price

Just paid double on Ebay and thought that was a good price!!

excellent price for these batteries

Cracking price but does anybody know if this is in all their stores?

just pop down to my local asda, its 3.86 on the shelf and didn't have AAA, which what I wanted, so haven't double check.

Fantastic price!! They're great batteries too, hold their charge and all.

Did you buy any OP? Or did you just see them at that price? Because it could be a misprice as it sounds really really low.

Fantastic batteries. Switched from my regular NiMh Uniross 2100mAh and Sony 2300mAh to these for my Sony compact. I use the Sony less and less these days since I got a Nikon DSLR so the batteries were always flat when I got round to using it! Not any more thanks to these!

Maybe it only up in Glasgow just like the Iron Bru offer.

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Yes Xad, I did buy some, it wasn't a misprice:)

I bought 8 more of these batteries last week in Asda Preston for £4.44 (marked as reduced from £6.97). They were in 2 places in the store, and only one marked as reduced, though of course the others would no doubt have tilled in the same.
Great batteries.....I find very useful for the Wii controllers that I hardly used, but kept coming back to them finding them flat.

£6.97 on the shelf at Park Royal Asda. Had them scanned and they went through at £3.15 (AAs & AAAs). Just bought one pack of AAs though - stocked up on Eneloops recently.

SirHugo :thumbsup:

Marked at £4.86 in Colchester store but like SirHugo, scanned at £3.15.

Nice avatar rbz5416 !

£3.15 at asda brynmawr dont know where this £1.50 deal came from seem a bit of a myth rool back is the price in normal asdas what is asda livinggyo ?
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